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Uvalde School Shooting

Started by Blackleaf, May 27, 2022, 03:42:18 AM

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I was in Sutherland Springs a few days ago for the first time, never realized that it was in the same region I grew up in.

Didn't do much for my confidence knowing that it is the exact same type of people I grew up around and now am trying to convince my mom to get the hell away from - our state GOP are now pretty much outright calling LGBT+ abominations, and her church has a gay pastor... if it can happen just down the road...

Texas is even more culturally split than I realized, and I already knew it was astronomical. I thought the backwater piss-hole I grew up in was the poor exception, not the even poorer normal.

 I don't think Texas can go more than 5 more years without a large-scale paramilitary action happening here, if not sooner.
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Mike Cl

Shiranu, may have even asked you this before--but old people always forget--well, everything. :))  My dad was born and raised in Mexia, which is east of Waco and due south of Corsicana.  Is this anywhere near where you were raised??
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Quote from: Hydra009 on June 22, 2022, 10:31:29 PMChief Failure put on leave. 

It's a start.

Paid, I'm sure. Cops don't get fired. They get rewarded with paid retirement.
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12 out of 433 times (a whopping 2.7%), A Good Guy With A Guntm saved the day. 

If you factor in security guards and/or off-duty officers, that rises to 22 out of 433 times (5%).  Curiously, a bystander subduing the attacker happens roughly twice as often as that, 42 out of 433 times (9.7% chance)

But the most likely outcomes are that the attacker kills people and leaves the scene before the cops show up (assuming they intend to show up) 113 out of 433 times (26% chance)

That followed closely by a scenario where the attacker kills people and is then killed by the police, 98 out of 433 times (22.6% chance)

Step right up folks and roll those dice.  You never know where you're going to land.


Imagine being so bad at your job that someone doing your job while you cowered made you so mad that harrassing them is now your new job.