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Roe v wade

Started by Mr.Obvious, May 04, 2022, 02:48:43 PM

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Think they are going to pick up the travel expenses (transport, lodging, ...) as well as the cost of losing out on your income during the trip, as well?

Again, poor people.
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Quote from: FreethinkingSceptic on May 16, 2022, 11:50:29 PMAs far as the argument here goes. I guess I can see a tangential link between overturning Roe vs. Wade and same-sex marriages.

According to Alito, the right to abortion recognized in Roe must be overturned because it is not valid under the Constitution's 14th Amendment right to due process. Abortion is among a number of fundamental rights that the court over many decades recognized at least in part as what are called "substantive" due process liberties, including contraception in 1965, interracial marriage in 1967 and same-sex marriage in 2015. Though these rights are not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, they are linked to personal privacy, autonomy, dignity and equality. Conservative critics of the substantive due process principle have said it improperly lets unelected justices make policy choices better left to legislators. The result is states could pass laws banning abortion, contraception, interracial marriage, and same-sex marriage, plus these bans could go in and out of effect depending on which party gets elected. Progressives are in office, I'm married, conservatives are in office, I'm single. I go to California, I'm married, I go to Florida, I'm single.

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Quote from: Jason Harvestdancer on May 19, 2022, 10:58:51 PMAnd what happens in Oklahoma won't impact California's laws.

And yes, California is crazy enough to allow extremely late term abortions.

California law is max 26 weeks. What do you consider "extremely late"?

Jason Harvestdancer

Quote from: Dark Lightning on May 20, 2022, 11:36:04 AMCalifornia law is max 26 weeks. What do you consider "extremely late"?

That is current law, because they haven't gotten around to changing it.  If RvW goes, I would not be surprised if they changed it to over 32 weeks.
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^ Be sure and notify us all when that happens.


Quote from: Mike Cl on May 17, 2022, 09:42:54 AMAs is yours.  Maybe I'd argue that yours are about a nickel a dozen.  If that.
Cool. You haven't substantiated how, legally, overturning Roe vs. Wade would lead to any of the other things you suggest. Simply asserting that parties might have an "agenda" to do it is pretty flimsy.


PART 1/3

I'm a French citizen living in France but I follow what happens about "Roe V. Wade" because I understood a fundamental thing.

This fundamental thing is the next : If this case is reversed. The impact of this event isn't only about USA because it can inspire anti-abortion lobbies in others countries.

PART 2/3

If this case is reversed. What will happens next ? Why not the end of "Miller test" who will permit to each states , territories , district of Columbia , tribal governments to ban porn if they

Life is already difficult for people working in porn industry.
If one day porn became illegal in nearly everywhere or everywhere in United States of America it will create a black market.
Those advocating for those working in this industry can tell you better than me the consequences.

Life is already difficult for people working in porn industry for many reasons and unhappily I can't be exhaustive because there are so many reasons.

1.Stigmatization in social life and professional life.
a.If you are a well known cisgender porn actor in straight movies. Find a common job after porn will not be easy and this is worse for cisgender men who made gay or bi. It's worse for cisgender women compared to cisgendered men. The worse of the worse is for transgenders who are more discriminated.
b.Sexual harassment

2.De facto limits about freedom of speech.
a.Do you know some financials services limit yourself in the porn you can do ? For example with some of them you can't show blood during periods and if you do so you won't be able to access to services.
b.Some banks refuse to give you a loan if you work in porn and less money means less artistic liberty.
It does have consequences in your personal life and not only in your professional life.
You have a legal work but banks refuse because of theirs internal rules written or not.

3.Western societies pretend you're free to live like you want if you're not a threat for another person.
If you do porn you are de facto under obligation to use a nickname in your professional life to protect yourself and we know the real names of very few porn actors/actresses compared to others celebrities.

What is Miller test ?

PART 3/3

If "Roe V. Wade" reach its end. Maybe one day it will be the end of "Lawrence V. Texas".
This landmark from year 2003 make that nowadays homosexual activities are legal everywhere in USA.

Wikipedia entry about this :