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Some of my Wood Projects

Started by Dark Lightning, September 28, 2021, 11:01:03 AM

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Dark Lightning

I was asked to post up some pics of wood projects. So, here goes. I won't load them all at once, I do a lot of wood working.

This is a grape leaf shaped Green Man. It's made from tupelo and is about 9" high. It is about my third carving. I worked as a design engineer for many years. When I was making this, I was slavishly following the tutorial, and inadvertently cut off a chunk I shouldn't have. While contemplating what to do about it, I realized that the picture on the cover of the book, and the pictures of the carving in the tutorial didn't match! I was able to finish this, but it didn't exactly match either of the pictures in the book. That's OK, because it doesn't have to. That was a freeing lesson that I learned early on. When I designed something, the machine shop had better build it to print so that all the pieces fit. Without further ado, here "he" is-


Very nice.

I'd like to see some of your boxes/cases. Joinery in particular.
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Dark Lightning

Thanks! Most of my joinery is butt joints with rabbets or dadoes, for transportable tool chests that I use for my carving tools. The individual components don't weigh enough to warrant dovetails or box joints. Here is a chest I made out of some walnut that I got for free in '92. This chest is glued together, and there are screws under the corner braces/protectors. The corner pieces also are structural. The wood is just over 1/2" thick. It started out at 3/4", but squirmed during glue-up, so I had to plane them into flatness with a router sled of my own devising.

Contents of one drawer. I made separators out of birch dowel to keep the edges of the tools from contacting the ferrules and handles on the opposing row. This is as close as I can pack them, in order to make efficient use of the volume, and to reduce weight. I now pick up the tools with a magnet, because I've cut myself too many times when getting the tools out- even more than I have cut myself carving!

All the hardware comes from a company called Gerstner & Sons, which is pretty much the only high end manufacturer of machinist's chests. I really like their hardware over what one sees in the wood "boutiques" Like Rockler or Woodcraft.

gawdzilla sama Jr.

You take on some wood that needs help? I have two rather expensive walking sticks that need to be rescued. Cracks in both at the head.

Dark Lightning

Not really. I expect that the wood is pretty dry and would be tough to repair. That would be above my paygrade. I post at under the same handle. Maybe you could join over there. They probably have someone who would take that on who lives near you.