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Will Putin Invade Ukraine?

Started by Cassia, January 20, 2022, 01:29:34 PM

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Trumped:  Ukraine hit a Felon, Russia's most advanced tool.  Second plane suspected hit as well

QuoteOne of the Russian Aerospace Force's most advanced—and most expensive—combat aircraft was reported to have been damaged on Saturday in a raid carried out by Ukrainian forces. As reported by David Axe for Forbes, drones struck the Akhtubinsk State Flight Test Center in southern Russia 365 miles from the Russia-Ukraine border, and a Sukhoi Su-57 (NATO reporting name Felon) is believed to have been badly damaged, possibly beyond repair.

Reports have further circulated that a second Su-57 may have also been damaged. The incident is notable as the Felon is the Kremlin's most advanced combat aircraft.

QuoteOn the Fighterbomber Telegram channel, which remains a popular forum for Russian airmen and their supporters, questions were raised as to how such an expensive warplane could so easily be damaged or destroyed.

"The Su-57 was damaged by shrapnel; it is now being determined whether it can be restored or not.

If not, then this will be the first combat loss of the Su-57 in history... For the price of this Su-57 alone, shelters from UAVs could be built for all PTA aircraft in the country," the post on the Fighterbomber Telegram channel noted.
Or...just keep them in Siberia and buy Shoigu another mansion.


It's legitimately hard to keep up with all the Russian losses lately, not that I'm complaining.

Let's start with the accidents - the stuff that Ukraine almost certainly had no part in - Su-34 jet crashed in Russia near the Caucasus Mountains and Russian naval ship catches fire in the Barrents Sea, which is NE of Finland.  Sanctions may have played a role in both accidents.

Ukraine downs a SU-25, an EW system, an unclear type of Russian ship was damaged or destroyed in the Black Sea, a Belgorod - voted Russia's most flammable region - ammo depot suffers a devastating explosion and a command post within Russian borders that was helping Russia's beleaguered Kharkiv quasi-offensive also exploded.  What's really fascinating about the command post is that in addition to 8 Russian officers going missing is that it's the first time in this war - so far - that a Ukrainian plane has struck a target in Russia.  (There was a raid in Belgorod by two Ukrainian helicopters early in the war and of course, drones find their way into Russia all the time, so it's a first but also not a first, if you get my meaning)

Russian air defense have also been going boom, but there is literally not enough time in the day for me to cover all of that.

Pro-Putin rat dies in Moscow.  He was very active in ratting out "dissidents" for the Putin regime to "do something about".  Looks like someone did something about him.  Moscow is not a great place to live and an even worse place to die.

Finally, Russia confirms that a second Su-57 did get hit, not just the one.



This is what I mean when I say that Ukraine has gotten very good with drones.  They know exactly where to hit to make it really hurt.


The Bradley had a real evolution from its original specs. I have to laugh at how oversimplified this dramatic characterization is.



AA going boom around Crimea

Additionally, partisans (Atesh) in the Moscow region poured gasoline all over a Russian satellite radar station and set it on fire about 85km NW of Moscow city.  Wagner isn't the only organization that may enter the highway to Moscow.


Russian banks are switching away from the US dollar to Chinese Yuan currency. US and UK have sanctioned the Russian stock market. Russians are finally starting to feel the economic cost of their invasion and wartime shortage economy.


Argentina joins Ukraine Defense Contract Group

Purely coincidentally, they also veered away from joining BRICS last year.  They're looking into sending gunpowder (sorely needed for artillery shells) as well as five French-made Dassault Super Etendard aircraft

Argentina hasn't used those aircraft since 2019 due to a British embargo placed on Argentina (Falklands war bad blood, long story) stopped them getting all needed spare parts.  Ukraine has no such embargo and I'm sure the UK could be convinced to give them those needed spare parts.

Like the US, Argentina appears to be using Ukraine as a sink for unneeded military hardware.  Ukraine doesn't mind hand-me-downs one bit, provided they still work well.



Oops I did it again: the US Department of Defense does an audit of US aid to Ukraine and again finds that we can send more stuff over there

Last year, it was $6.2 billion in extra stuff.  This time, it's $1.9 billion.

Not that I'm not pleased, but it's odd that this is a regular thing.

Dark Lightning

Probably some Republican playing shithead, and obstructing. It's what they do.


Speaking of obstructing shitheads, Orban agrees not to block NATO support for Ukraine

Please note the exact words.  Also, it's anyone's guess if Orban genuinely has changed his mind.  The Scorpion and the Frog.


Putin's peace terms. Good luck with that


Quote from: Cassia on June 14, 2024, 07:02:04 PMPutin's peace terms. Good luck with that

Yeah, he demanded that Ukraine rubber-stamp all the currently-invaded territory and forgo NATO, guaranteeing both a future invasion and the staging ground that it would be launched from.  A really obvious bad faith deal.  He might as well be holding a knife behind his back.  Sadly, some people will go for appeasement.

Ukraine will not truly be safe until its territory is de-occupied and it's in a military alliance that will defend it from future aggression, i.e. NATO.