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Will Putin Invade Ukraine?

Started by Cassia, January 20, 2022, 01:29:34 PM

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Quote from: Sorginak on June 21, 2022, 10:00:22 PMHe really went a spammin'
He didn't seem to be able to follow the topic of conversation.




Mounting signs that Russia is purging its generals in Ukraine (the ones who still live)

This tells us two things:

1) Russia is losing this conflict.  You don't sack winners.

2) Russian leadership will likely continue to be poor or possibly even deteriorate further as experienced generals are scapegoated and replaced with fresh faces more skilled at blame-shifting than actually running a war.  (Leadership is also deteriorating due to battlefield losses)

Dysfunction at the top begets dysfunction at the bottom.


Not quite the normal topic here, but something a little more light-hearted while still showing whats going on in Ukraine; a Ukrainian youtuber, forced to flee to Germany, just moved back to Ukraine and is trying to do humor while reacting to Ukrainian war memes.

A weird lens into a depressing, unwarrantedly-made weird life.

Every day is a good day to *remove from server* an autocrat.


HIMARS (long-range missile artillery) now in Ukraine

Quote"Summer will be hot for Russian occupiers. And the last one for some of them," he said.


UK announces new round of sanctions, including oil refining goods and technology, jet fuel and additives, and the export of british sterling or euros to Russia


EU overwhelmingly approves EU candidacy for Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia

QuoteVolodymyr Zelensky, who applied for membership at the start of the war, said: "This is like going into the light from the darkness."


Nike is finally leaving Russia entirely after suspending business back in March


Copium overdose: Russia says Ukraine must accept all its demands before peace

Putin's crony didn't state what these demands are, simply saying that Ukraine already knows what they are.

This is why Ukraine needs a big military win and therefore enough international aid to make that happen.  Putin still thinks he can dictate terms.  Until his armies are shattered, there can be no peace.


In news that will surprise no one, NATO to increase the size of its army, specifically in eastern and southeastern europe - areas near Russia.

Previously, NATO has relied on a "tripwire" approach where a small number of soldiers serve as a deterrent and alerts all other forces when things are amiss.

For obvious reasons, this approach is insufficient. Especially if say, Russia/Belarus were to invade towards Kallingrad, rapidly encircling the Baltic states.  Estonia in particular is leery about that and understandably isn't keen on waiting 180 days for NATO to come to the rescue.  Russia's demonstrated penchant for genocide makes a slow response particularly disagreeable.

Instead, NATO forces in the area will be expected to bear the brunt of any invasion and to beat the enemy back or at least substantially delay them before reinforcements arrive.