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Will Putin Invade Ukraine?

Started by Cassia, January 20, 2022, 01:29:34 PM

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Understanding War Campaign Assessment: May 12th

QuoteThe Ukrainian counteroffensive around Kharkiv is also forcing the Russian command to make hard choices, as it was likely intended to do.
The Russians are reportedly likely to abandon their big Izium axis push and go for much less ambitious goals.

QuoteThe Ukrainian counteroffensive near Kharkiv is starting to look very similar to the counteroffensive that ultimately drove Russian troops away from Kyiv and out of western Ukraine entirely, although it is too soon to tell if the Russians will make a similar decision here.
Good.  I hope it all falls down on their heads.

QuoteThe Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Ukrainian forces fortified 170 km between Kramatorsk and Slovyansk and, falsely, that the Ukrainians are using civilians as human shields, likely in an attempt to set information conditions to explain the abandonment of the Izyum axis or justify the slow and limited advances in the area.
Wow. Always with the lying.  No wonder they're not trusted.

QuoteRussian forces conducted several unsuccessful and disjointed offensive operations in northwestern Donetsk Oblast in the vicinity of Avdiivka.
Putting it mildly.

QuoteRussia is likely setting conditions to integrate occupied Ukrainian territories directly into Russia, as opposed to creating proxy "People's Republics."
Both Kherson and Mariupol are likely to be annexed via fiat rather than unwillingly becoming part of  "independent" People's Republics or even joining via phony referendum (which Ukraine has stated that they will not accept and really, nobody is fooled by such obvious falsehood)


Russian causalities by region

In previous conflicts, Putin has gone to great pains to hide war dead through use of mercenaries and especially made sure that grieving families are far from Moscow.


Dollar store copium:

By that logic, T-34 is the best tank.


If Finland has nothing to worry about now, then it definitely won't after joining NATO, right Vlad?


Second strongest military in the world Ukraine fooled by mannequins


Ukraine wins the battle of Kharkiv

Ukrainian forces have reportedly pushed to the Russian border, threatening Russian supply lines and causing Russian forces to retreat and regroup inside Russian territory.

QuoteRussian forces continued disjointed and unsuccessful offensive operations near the Donetsk region border, while Ukrainian forces destroyed a field command post there.
Status: Ukrainian victory



We're always listening: US military learning from Russian cellphone blunder

Russian soldiers give away their position by turning on their cellphones, by stealing Ukrainian phones (find my phone artillery solution), even through stolen earbuds.  Russian soldiers' penchant for looting is certainly an exploitable vulnerability.

Quote"Fortunately, Russians are quite naive and ignorant about using mobile devices, so they often call home, turning on their phones and connecting to the Ukrainian stations."
So stupid.

QuoteWhile the Russians had developed encrypted communications handsets for their special operations forces, those handsets were not widely distributed among Russian troops before the latest invasion of Ukraine,
Face meets palm.

Quotethere are now many images online showing Russian troops using cell phones or even the type of unencrypted walkie talkies that you could purchase at toy stores.
Damn, and I thought the tractor videos were embarrassing.  Imagine getting your whole platoon blown to bits because you looted children's toys to use because they're better than your military gear.


Wrecked Russian jets found with GPS devices clipped to the dash

That's low-grade pizza delivery tech on Russian fighter jets.  Just how bad is the corruption over there?


Russian troops deliberately wounding themselves to get out of war

On that phone call, one soldier was telling his mother that the battery commander shot himself in the leg. The mother bemoaned the lack of "patriotism" from what I imagine is a comfy couch in a big house in St. Petersburg.

Really, I think they're both celebrating May Day in their own ways - one group is cheering May Day and the other group is crying "mayday!"


Russia has lost a third of its forces and the Donbas offensive has stalled out and unlikely to resume

This dovetails with reports that Russian forces have largely shifted from an offensive to a defensive stance, except for the ones retreating, of course.