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Will Putin Invade Ukraine?

Started by Cassia, January 20, 2022, 01:29:34 PM

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Quote from: Hydra009 on July 26, 2022, 02:19:46 PMUkraine considers Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul to be Putin propagandists

In this conflict, there are those who stand for democracy and Ukraine and those who stand for dictatorship and Russia.
The worst part is that... 20% of the time, they are so damn right on important issues that seriously need to be pointed out and no one else does... but then the other 80% is just complete nutjob bullshit that discredits everything else they say just by being associated with them.

Maybe that's the objective though - because if normal people are seen saying it then it suddenly is harder to dismiss.
"A little science distances you from God, but a lot of science brings you nearer to Him." - Louis Pasteur


This is from March, so this isn't recent news, but it was quite a fascinating read nonetheless: Ukrainian farmers capture Russian troops (including turncoats from 2014)

Essentially, the Ukrainian farmers/civilians knew the Russians were coming and gathered what few weapons they had and met the Russians in force.  The Russians saw that they were outnumbered 50 to 11 and eventually concluded that fighting would not have a favorable outcome.  So they surrendered.

What they didn't know was that most of the civilians were unarmed.  No backsies!

Quote"They were livid once they saw we were unarmed," Vanzhula recalled.


Ukraine strikes Antonivskyi Bridge, as well as a parallel bridge, further isolating invader forces in Kherson

The bridge is technically still standing, but it has huge holes running through it to the point that vehicles can no longer cross.


Russian troops have rough time in Kherson

Ukrainan forces destroy a recon drone, shoot down a suicide drone (it was targetting a Ukrainian radar station), blow up an ammo depot, a tank, a few howitzers, some vehicles, and 89 troops.

Oh, and the cherry on top is that the invaders shot down their own attack helicopter.

QuoteRussian air defence has never been particularly known for its accuracy, so the invaders shot down only one out of their three Ka-52 attack helicopters."
The Ukrainians really know how to add insult to injury!  The previous article called it a "gesture of goodwill", after the Russian abandonment of Snake Island due to intense bombardment by Ukrainian forces.


Poland fundraises a Bayraktar for Ukraine, the company donates the drone for free.

If this sounds familiar, this is like the third or fourth time this has happened.


Ukraine destroys an ammo depot in Chornobaivka

This is sonething like the 50th time Ukrainians have blown up Russians there.  A newborn baby could figure out the pattern, yet Russian brass can't and sends their cannon fodder there anyway.


United Russia reps flee Kherson

They are Putin Party members who create propaganda for Putin and tried to create a fake referredumn for Kherson to join Russia (which hit a slight snag when the general in charge of that was blown up)  They're the scum of the earth.

Reportedly, some Rosgvardia (Putin's private army) troops also fled.

However, the grunts are stuck and bitterly complained on an intercepted phone call (lol are they ever going to encrypt their calls?) that Kadyrovites (Pro-Putin Chechens) are positioned to shoot them if they try to escape.

The simple solution is to just shoot the Kadyrovites and leave.  Or even simpler, just surrender at the first opportunity.  We'll see.


I'll spare everyone the graphic details, but the Russians released a video of mutilating of a Ukrainian pow.  They're apparently proud of that.

The Ukrainians pieced together the identity of the war criminal and he's essentially signed his own death warrant.

More civilians were killed in a rocket attack.  Also, Russians have been torturing and killing POWs, including some from Avoz (some were released in prisoner exchanges months ago, so some made it out relatively unscathed while others weren't so fortunate)

Russia is definitely going for war crimes bingo.  Any dealings with them whatsoever in the future will be under the shadow of the grim reality that these people are monsters who mutilate and torture and kill for fun.

With that in mind, the Senate has urged the State Department to declare that Russia is a state sponsor of terror.

Also, it looks like Ukraine might get those 300km-range HIMARS missiles after all.  Mad Vlad and his torture buddies are making that a reality as we speak.


And the rock cried out, no hiding place:  Avoz announces special hunt for war criminals who massacred POWs

QuoteI, on behalf of the Azov units, announce a hunt for everyone involved in the mass murder. Every rank-and-file actor and every organiser, regardless of their position and location, will bear responsibility. Wherever you hide, you will be found and exterminated."
Bonne chance, morceaux de merde.


Meanwhile, on the battlefield: Ukrainian forces operating in southern Ukraine destroy the following:

* 105 Russian troops
* 7 tanks
* a howitzer
* 2 self-propelled artillery
* 17 armored and military vehicles
* two ammunition depots


Z-Scum keep walking:  Latvia requires Russians crossing the border to sign document condemning the invasion

This is for security reasons as the pro-genocide Russians present much more of a security threat than the anti-genocide ones.


Active fires in Ukraine (used to get a broad idea of where the fighting is taking place)

As you can see, temporarily-occupied territory near Kherson is getting pummeled.