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Will Putin Invade Ukraine?

Started by Cassia, January 20, 2022, 01:29:34 PM

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Lost the battle, lost the war:  Russian POW calls wife, wife says to call back after work

Even Doctors Without Borders can't mend that broken heart 💔


HIMARS strike destroys 40-vehicle convoy sent from Crimea to reinforce Kherson

They were going the wrong way.  Should've traveled from Crimea to Russia and lived while they had the chance.

200 Russian Marines from the Black Sea fleet demonstrated their humanity and refused to fight in Putin's War

They were supposed to be part of a new battalion operating in southern Ukraine.  The battalion formed anyway, it just took longer and they used much less experienced, capable troops instead.  Now, these rookies will almost certainly be dead idiots soon and the smart, humane Russians are far more likely to live.  Such is the way of this war.


Bunker-baby Putin draws plans to flee Russia if/when invasion fails

Quote"Defeat in the war for the President of Russia will mean the end of his power and the regimen as a whole," Telegram account General CVR wrote, citing tip offs from "retired and active intelligence agents".

Last week the same account reported the dictator suffered from "severe nausea" that saw a him treated for three hours by a team of doctors who rush to his bedside.

Since then, a new report has claimed "Putin himself and his entourage are preparing plans for evacuation from Russia" in search for refuge if his war failed.

Four ally countries would be on the cards for the Russian President should he flee.

Belarus, who Putin shares a close friendship with its President Alexander Lukashenko, Myanmar, Venezuela, Syria and possibly Iran
Repeating history, Nazis flee to South America.

As for Putin, maybe his people catch wind of his plans and give him an upside down view of Moscow, similar to his pal Mussolini.

Who knows what dark fate awaits dictators who ruin countless lives - Ukrainian and Russian - for fun?  But we can always hope.

Dark Lightning

He has a ready room at Mar A Lago. 8^D


Update to HIMARS strike on 40 vehicles

It wasn't a convoy, the vehicles were being transfered by rail.  The train was hit, destroying the vehicles.

80 dead orcs, over 200 wounded.  🌻🌻🌻




Russia being russia roundup:

Russian state media lies again and says it destroyed a HIMARS.  They claim it was on the second floor of a power plant.  Did it take the stairs or the elevator? 🤔

Russian soldier tries to disarm a landmine by throwing a tire on it.  It explodes and it looks like he takes shrapnel to his side, and he's seen trying to walk it off.  Good luck with that.

Russia soldier records a TikTok from his tent and gets mortared at the end.

Lots of Darwin Award winners every day.


Desperation level: Russia

Russian forces fire artillery from power plant, knowing that Ukrainian forces will be reluctant to fire back

(Apparently that stuff about a HIMARS firing from the second floor of a power plant was just projection)


Ukraine receives 4 more HIMARS from US, 3 MLRS from Germany (70km range)

QuoteMoscow has accused the West of dragging out the conflict by giving Ukraine more arms, and said the supply of longer-range weapons justifies Russia's attempts to expand control over more Ukrainian territory for its own protection.
Both of which are obvious lies recognizable by just about anyone.

Obviously, the Allies are trying to prevent Z-Axis from overrunning free Ukraine.  If anything, HIMARS is bringing the slaughter (mostly of Ukranian civilians) to a relative standstill and it goes without saying that repelling the invaders is the only sure way to end the violence.

Secondly, Russian propagandists are injecting some serious copium and working with backwards logic if they think they can justify the February invasion with developments that happened months later.  The West wouldn't dream of arming Ukraine with such potent weapons if they weren't credibly faced with genocide otherwise.  If Russia sought peace, there would be no war and no HIMARS.


Russian forces are creating "ghost bridges" in Ukraine

Essentially, these ghosts bridges are not functioning bridges but seem like real bridges on radar.

Unforunately for the invaders, HIMARS strikes are GPS guided, not radar guided.  So this is a big fat waste of time and effort on their part.  Real dunce cap stuff.

They used a similar tactic on the bridge between Crimea and Russia.  It didn't do anything either.  They also used a smoke machine to create a  smokescreen.  Not only did it not deter anything, it caused a car crash on the bridge.