Is it evil to be a billionaire?

Started by GSOgymrat, November 20, 2021, 12:08:10 AM

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Meh. “communal” living is agreeable, the Indians and the aborigines are somewhat evidence of that. But communism will not work with invention and technology. This is not to say that invention and technology are even a good thing. We have plenty of evidence that technologyt may be the downfall of humanity due to their arrogance as “housekeepers” of the world. But nom-the-less, technology is a extension of a more freedoms productivity awarded system.

And frankly, while perhaps the world would be better off with a communal system, life would be terribly boring.  There would be no internet, no sports, no media to watch anything and no entertainment. Seriously. Just consider life as we know it would not exist. Communal living pretty much is a stagnant technological and manufacturing style of life. The Indians invented nothing…the aborigines invented nothing, communism as an earlier system would have been wiped out within a few years. Their is no incentive. No reward. You are ignoring the drive of humanity to invent. Necessity, as we all know, is the mother of invention. We would still be throwing rocks and jabbing with wooden spears.

Communism offers no incentive to creat, to invent, to be better. It Is a proven wasteland of thought. It would be a tedious and mundane life compared to what we have now, however not being aware that such things were possible perhaps communal living could be considered a superior lifestyle… long as the  rest of the world did the same. But humans, although preferring communal living would not succeed in the long run as humans are an aggressive creature.

Pure communism is a non functional dream, it is a forced lifestyle that not everyone agree with. No doubt that some societies lived a communal life but they would now be in reservations while progressive thinking humans are on the moon. Whether that in itself is good or bad is, to this argument, irrelevant.
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