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Musical instruments -- whatcha got?

Started by trdsf, April 27, 2022, 01:29:05 AM

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So since the county is saving beaucoup bucks by having everyone work from home, they handed out a really unbelievably nice retention bonus last week, and I have finally scratched an itch I have had for a long time: I bought a sitar.  Pics when it arrives.  Also, I bought an electric kazoo.  My neighbors will probably defenestrate me for that.  And I expect to go out and get me an electric keyboard in the next week or two, because I miss having keys to bang on.

I managed to *not* buy a set of Highland pipes because that's arguably the least apartment building compatible instrument in existence and I want to not have a chanter and drones forcibly inserted into various orifices (orifii?).  An alto sax, however, remains a possibility.  I've always wanted to learn the saxophone.

They join two basses (one four-string electric, one six-string fretless acoustoelectric), three guitars (solid, hollow, classical) and a theremin.

What are your noisemakers?
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