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Cyber ninjas

Started by Mr.Obvious, September 28, 2021, 01:42:31 AM

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I still bet they used the wrong methods, yet came to the mostly right conclusion. (Worried their clzims of mistakes in the official procedures will make for more misinformed bullshittery that might perpetuate the big lie)
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Biden actually widened his lead somewhat after this recount.  Any Dem who doesn't demand a recount after a razor-thin defeat is a fool imho.


You know what if it is this way they should all do it to show something to Republicans. 216 actually FEWER votes for Trump and 99 MORE for the other guy is the important bit here I think.
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I suspect Republicans have been trying to miscount votes for a long time.  Their unproven claims of Democratic cheating are most likely projections.  At least that's what seems to be surfacing out of all this.