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My worst fear!

Started by rhythm, August 04, 2021, 11:07:40 AM

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I never really watched the daredevil tv show, and I've only really seen some of the movie.

But I did come across this scene and it sends chills down my spine hearing matt scream


I have literally experienced this, luckily blindness lasted just half a minute.

I had a surgical operation in my childhood. After without never getting up from the bed for about 2 days, my doctor advised that if I get up and walk my recovery would be a lot shorter. I said Okay. and got up; held my mother s arm and began walking slowly and after 3 4 steps -i was looking a painting hanging on the corridor- i was blind, everything got dark. and ı cried oh mom i got being blind.

I immediately went back to the bed and after 3 4 seconds i was seeing again.

According to the doctor, my blood pressure dropped.