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Fringe science : New chronology of Fomenko

Started by viocjit, June 27, 2013, 10:22:39 AM

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The New chronology is a theory that I consider like fringe science because I think that this theory is problematic for many reasons. I will don't explain these reasons because that can be long.

This theory say that chronological system use today is not correct because the ancient history and the middle age is the same period.
The founder of this theory is a Russian named Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko (Russian : ???????? ?????????? ???????) born to Donetsk in USSR (now Ukraine) in 1945.
He is a mathematician who is a member of "Russian Academy of Sciences" (Russian : ?????????? ???????? ????).

Links about this :
1.Website who defend this theory
2.New Chronology in Wikipedia
3.Biography of Fomenko in Wikipedia


God bless those Pagans
Homer Simpson


He's a religious fellow who's good with math and uses a purely mathematical approach to reach the conclusion he wanted to reach based on what the already assumed was true.

Yeah, he's suspect from the word 'go'.


I liked Fringe.  Walter was my favourite :D
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Is this the same guy that said: "----5,1,4,1,3----Done! Who recited the complete decimal expansion of pi backwards?  :shock:  :roll:  Solitary
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I can say that this theory is a good laugh. What are the evidences who prove that historical documents were forged ?
I discovered the existence of this theory in a French conspiracy theorist website.


QuoteArchaeological dating, dendrochronological dating, paleographical dating, numismatic dating, carbon dating, and other methods of dating of ancient sources and artifacts known today are erroneous, non-exact or dependent on traditional chronology.
This is utter bullshit and, in fact, the dating techniques in use today (which are as accurate as they need to be for the purposes to which they're put) show that Fomenko's claims are nonsense.
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