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Desperate for a fresh start

Started by iriss7480, February 19, 2021, 08:16:02 PM

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Hi Everyone,

I've had a horrible last four weeks - the worst month of my Life!  The winter has been brutal here in Chicago and the sublet I was supposed to move into another sublet in mid-January, but it fell through last minute so I have been looking for long-term housing since then!  God - if he or she is real - should have provided housing or opened doors for long-term housing but NOTHING - it's been nothing but dead ends!  (I mean that's what he or she promises, right?)  It's clear that I'm in an useless cult that only wants to exploit me because I am a woman and it's been terrifying! 

See these attached articles:

These articles by Dr. Alexandra Stein, phD at the University of London discusses all the terrifying implications of being in a cult for women..."Women don’t choose this: They are groomed, brought in slowly and gradually separated from their previous lives and close relationships. Once isolated within the cult, and suffocated within its closed world, it becomes almost impossible for followers to maintain their independence. At a certain point, it becomes easier to simply give in, stop thinking and accept the new norms," Dr. Stein states.  She continues, "Women’s sexual lives and their ability to control their own reproductive choices are all upended within cultic organizations."  UGH!  This is truly terrifying

See the attached link and the attached image...

Because of the subzero temperatures, it's essential that I find long-term housing that is safe and suitable, but it's been futile!   And this being uses manipulation, control and my vulnerable situation as a tool to degrade and demean and control every aspect of my Life everyday!  I've been so miserable in this religion (cult) these last 7 years and I need to get out and am trying to get out for the sake of my health (my physical health has been decreasing, my heart is always pounding and this being is NOT guiding me or my Life in a linear, logical way I can comprehend!)  I feel as if I'm in a different frame of time - i.e., in Africa - where time and direction is circular, but in Western socities and Life, this is incomprehensible!  I'm really confused and feel convoluted...

This being has been extremely abusive - the most abusive being I've ever encountered in my entire Life!  It constantly engages in gaslighting behavior and makes it seem like things are my fault, when this being led me into these horrible situations in the first place. 

The perpetrator who this being has used to make my Life absolutely miserable and do unimaginable things to me the last 5 years is Samuel Moon.  I started a "We hate Samuel Moon"of Waukegan, IL -- because every single woman I've met thus far has hated him -- club on various forums to convey how much I hate him...he can go back to Daegu, Korea or to Philadelphia or wherever he is from!  UGH! 

Here are the character traits of the perpetrator:

dropped out of sophomore year (high school!)
vocational school
worst temper
can't DRIVE
has a junk car
has a shady job background
wears horrible, ugly dirty clothes
doesn't clean
doesn't take out trash
dirt poor/broke
bad luck
horrible to be around/bad luck  -> the last 4 years have been nothing but BAD circumstances and bad luck to me!
horrible family background
can't speak English/Korean
has visited Buddhist temples and Jehovah's witness services
has bad teeth
dumb as a rock

Sounds horrible, huh?!  My mom met him at her church..This being or religion has kept me in isolation and has been resorting to blackarts almost to terrorize, horrify and scare and threaten me into "cooperation."  It is absolutely horrid and this being is sordid!  It is deception - deception at its worst, luring vulnerable young women to be used as vessels!  I've never heard of something so horrible - see the article about Pentacostal church, the Unification and Jehovah's Witnesses :( (child marriages, gifting of children, false adoption schemes, pologymy, condoning violence and gender-based violence, etc).  It is madness!  This being is a cruel priest!  SO EVIL


A humans desire to live is exceeded only by their willingness to die for another. Even god cannot equal this magnificent sacrifice. No god has the right to judge them.-first tenant of the Panotheust


Did you make a similar thread under another name recently? I swear this reads familiar.

I wish you the best, in any case.
And welcome to our little band of heathens.
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