DARPA Funded Researchers Accidentally Create The World’s First Warp Bubble

Started by drunkenshoe, December 08, 2021, 04:22:40 AM

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Quote...“To be clear, our finding is not a warp bubble analog, it is a real, albeit humble and tiny, warp bubble,” White told The Debrief, quickly dispensing with the notion that this is anything other than the creation of an actual, real-world warp bubble. “Hence the significance.” ...

(I don't pretend to follow it. This was sent to me with the following.)


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Warp speed?  Why not?  Who ever though sub atomic particles could violate every rule of what was once called physics?  I've always been skeptical that nothing can go faster than light, just that nothing we can conceive of, anyway.  Warp speed may not be faster than light.  I dunno.  I think of it as just a different kind of physics.  Yeah, yeah, there's only one type of physics, but then how do you account for quantum physics?

However, real or not, none of this will ever be part of my life, and I'm betting no human will be left alive to get a chance to see any practical use for it.


Quote from: SGOS on December 08, 2021, 06:46:41 AMWarp speed?  Why not?  Who ever though sub atomic particles could violate every rule of what was once called physics?
We routinely do things today that would have literally given people from older generations heart attacks.  Bullet trains would seem like the stuff of fantasy.  Yet, they exist.


This is beyond my grasp. But i do amaze at all the wonderful advancements we indeed routinely add to the knowledge of mankind.
I still marvel at the picture of a black hole, for example.

But this, i can't read and understand, when i get through the link. :p
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