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Do You Shop at eBay?

Started by SGOS, September 04, 2020, 08:29:39 AM

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I have blown off eBay for years, thinking it was mostly a place for people to sell broken junk.  I'm not sure where I got that idea, and there may indeed be some of that.  But I've been buying a lot of stuff there lately, and the place seems to safe.  Shipping is often free and prompt, like really prompt and very free, and prices are low, like bargain basement low... sometimes.  But there are lots of sellers asking different prices, and some more lackadaisical about shipping than others.  I still feel an element of risk taking when I buy there, but that feeling is fading. Mostly, I buy dvds so I just look around till I find the best deal.  For some reason, when I google a dvd (on Google, not on eBay), I get a bunch of sellers, some of which are on eBay, and the lowest price can often be seen there. 

This morning, I bought the most complete set of the TV series, Homeland that I could find (the first 7 seasons) for $65 and shipping was free.  At Amazon, the lowest price was $125, and because I don't pay them $100 for Prime, the shipping is extra, plus with Amazon, the package just sits there for days before it actually gets to the shipper (even when I'm notified that the package has shipped, it's really not).  eBay usually ships that day or the next, and when I track the package, I can see when it's actually on a truck and going someplace.  When it doesn't I'm surprised, but it almost always beats non-Prime Amazon to my door, usually by days.

My recent experiences with eBay have completely changed my attitude about the place.  I'm not sure my original impression was warranted.  I'm not sure where that impression came from.  Today, my purchase was an unusually good buy, but at other times not quite so dramatic, but always a no brainer when shopping on the net.  If they don't compete, I simply go someplace else, but I'm finding that seldom happens.


Just recently we have used it to buy anything from DVDs to garden seeds and from AAA rechargeable batteries to John Deere tractor parts. No issues with Paypal and usually a bit cheaper than Amazon.


I tend to use eBay for buying Blu-rays and things not typically found in stores, such as a kilt. I use Swappa to buy and sell electronics.