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Wuhan Corona virus

Started by Sal1981, January 28, 2020, 09:04:46 PM

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There seems to be a strong public feeling that the pandemic is over. We can't know that of course.


I think it's just getting started.

But then, I'm a pessimist.
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"There is a sucker born-again every minute." - C. Spellman

Draconic Aiur

Got's a bit mild..

Mike Cl

Quote from: Draconic Aiur on August 21, 2022, 02:11:12 PMGot's a bit mild..
I hope it stays mild--and you take care of yourself.
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Drink all the O.J.


Making sure you have enough vitamin C is a good idea if you don't usually get enough, but megadosing vitamin C won't help.

Just one cup of orange juice is usually more than enough to hit the recommended daily amount.


They've started giving themselves awards, lol.

The same people who allegedly don't like participation trophies.  It really is all projection with these people.


Quote from: Hydra009 on August 28, 2022, 11:33:58 AMThey've started giving themselves awards, lol.
How about the unvaccinated who didn't survive?  Is there an award for them too?


Shouldn't that be a tombstone?


Quote from: SGOS on August 28, 2022, 01:28:31 PMHow about the unvaccinated who didn't survive?  Is there an award for them too?

Yes. The Herman Cain Award.
"Oh, wearisome condition of humanity,
Born under one law, to another bound;
Vainly begot, and yet forbidden vanity,
Created sick, commanded to be sound."
--Fulke Greville


No masks allowed, closed due to illness. Hmmmm...🤔


I've come to the summer house to spend a week in the last warm days. Swim...etc you know. I didn't want to bring my cat, she is 12 and well, also a dumb house one and here's full of stray animals, she'd regularly be beaten. Dad had stuff to do in the city and so we switched places for a week. Actually,I was gonna go back earlier, but mom insisted that I should stay because the weather is nice.

Now, dad has covid, he sounds fine, and I'm stuck here. 3rd day.  -_-

"science is not about building a body of known 'facts'. ıt is a method for asking awkward questions and subjecting them to a reality-check, thus avoiding the human tendency to believe whatever makes us feel good." - tp


Quote from: Hydra009 on September 16, 2022, 11:31:29 PM

No masks allowed, closed due to illness. Hmmmm...🤔
Unless it's a music venue, any place with that many signs is already a red-flag to me.
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I especially like the cash only sign because cash is by far the most germ-ridden way to do a transaction short of Apple's new Lick-The-Doornob cashless pay option.


Well, it's official.  I have covid.  I'm looking at a positive covid test.  And I was going to get my second booster soon, too.

I almost immediately knew when I had it because a coworker was conspicuously coughing and so was I within an hour.

It started with the sore throat from hell and spiraled out into severe coughing and congestion.  I thought it was just a normal, albeit unusually severe headcold.

Until I tried to sleep and I woke up freezing after a couple hours.  I was shivering and teeth chattering, I had to bite my pillow to miminimize harm to my teeth and agonizingly got out of bed to fetch a comforter.  I cocooned myself and slept for about 4 hours only to wake up hot and sweaty.  I tried to get up but lapsed into unconscious several times before I could finally wake.

The past few days I've been stuck at home, mostly in my room, taking cough suppressing medicine while coughing into a mask or sneezing monstrously huge globs of mucus while my eyes water.  How on earth can I possibly produce this much mucus?  Also, sometimes my breathing switched from automatic to manual, which is not an enjoyable experience for me.  Those periods were mercifully brief, thank goodness.

Today, I've finally turned the corner.  I got normal sleep, I woke up feeling rested and alert, most of the congestion is gone, and I have a normal appetite (2 full meals today, 1 yesterday, zero the day before) I still have a lingering cough and runny nose, but it's much reduced from what it was.

My family is fine atm, so I think my instinctual hunker down approach and mask use might've spared them.  I found out pretty quick, so it stands to reason that they would too.

Also, I am never in the same floor of the house as them, so we're doing extreme social distancing.

I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn't gotten my vaccine or if I went back to work or the gym like this.  Covid is no joke!