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Started by Baruch, October 24, 2019, 12:34:40 AM

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"Google Confirms 'Quantum Supremacy' - Completes 10,000 Year Calculation In 200 Seconds"  ... grandson of Cray 1, but not something for your on-line gaming system.

More important, was to keep it stable for 200+ seconds.  Also a practical quantum computer would have redundant qbits.

Here is how to quantify this ...

54 qbits equals 2^54 computations or 1.8 x 10^16.  But a 40 character, 36-letter alphabet code has 1.8x10^62 combinations.  So this new machine would take 200 x 10^46 seconds to run or 6.3x10^40 years.  So a simple cypher is still impervious to brute force.  And in physics, there is nothing faster at these particular algorithms (parallel decoding) than a quantum computer.  So even a simple cypher will be forever impervious to brute force decoding.  What Bletchley Park did, wasn't beat math, they beat bad German use of the Enigma.
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