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More on the Kennedy assassination ...

Started by Baruch, July 24, 2019, 12:15:22 PM

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Independent analysis by an Australian detective says ...

Secret Service did it, from the followup car.  This also explains why the Secret Service agents were, from the time the President arrived in Dallas, not in their usual positions (2 on rear bumper) ... because that would have spoiled the kill shot.  Also demonstrated is that the third shot, was too small a caliber to have come from Oswalds rifle, and that the kill bullet was hollow point, unlike the rifle bullets.

Cui Bono?  Allen Dulles, J Egard Hoover, Curtis LeMay, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, George H R Bush and Gerald R Ford.  Sen Arlen Spectre seems part of the coverup, like Ford.  The prior names, hired Oswald.  Oswald did wound the President, and then the conspirators got lucky.

So shot with a Secret Service AR-15, by the only Secret Service agent not drunk.  A man usually acting as a car cleaner.  A coverup of an accidental shooting?

The US federal government has had no legitimacy since Nov 1963.
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