15 yr old historian has 3 published books already

Started by Smartmarzipan, June 22, 2013, 09:04:19 PM

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Cooper Wingert, Harrisburg historian, has three nationally published books by age 15
http://blog.pennlive.com/gettysburg-150 ... _hist.html

QuoteThere's often a skeptical scrinch of the nose and a bit of raised eyebrow when people hear that the definitive history of Harrisburg's experience during the Civil War has been written by a 14-year-old - just enough to indicate while the fact is surprising, even fascinating, the history's probably less than serious.

Cooper Wingert, who just turned 15, is used to that. He got it a lot when he first began to self-publish local histories, but now that three of his titles have been published nationally, he gets it much less.

"The Confederate Approach on Harrisburg: The Gettysburg Campaign's Northernmost Reaches" was published by The History Press last year, followed this April by "Emergency Men!: The 26th Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia and the Gettysburg Campaign" and "Harrisburg and the Civil War: Defending the Keystone of the Union."

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I better keep this quiet or my parents will really be on my back about wasting my history degree,
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A lot of people call themselves historians when in fact they are history revisionists painting us as a 'Christian nation®'.. I wonder if he fits in that bunch or is an actual historian..
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