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Favorite programming languages?

Started by Plu, June 21, 2013, 09:03:47 AM

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Quote from: Plu on June 21, 2013, 09:03:47 AM
Or maybe we'll just start with "do you know how to program?"

I'm a professional PHP programmer by trade, but I think the language is kinda shitty.

At home I mostly program in Lua right now, which is awesome. For something as old at it is, it seems to be able to do a few things that I haven't really seen any other language do. Like multiple return values on functions. Or variable swapping.

I write software for a living. I primarily write in C#. The websites I do for work are in and JavaScript. I use a lot of SQL as well. I used VB in my last job.

Back in college, I primarily used C and Java. I also dabbled in Python, Pascal, Scheme (derived from LISP), and Bash.

For fun, I do Doom modding. That's primarily in something called DECORATE, and the scripts are in ACS (Action Combat Script. Heavily C-based).


I wouldn't say I have a favorite.  Programming languages are like tools in a box.  You pick the right one for the task at hand.  For general-purpose managed memory uses I agree with Jason, C# is a good choice.  It kinda sucks that you're stuck with Mono outside of Windows, but Mono has improved quite a bit over the years. 
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