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Any gamers around here?

Started by Agramon, June 21, 2013, 02:55:17 AM

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Where are you playing City of Heroes at? Last I heard it was shut down.


Quote from: the_antithesis on May 18, 2023, 01:47:29 AMWhere are you playing City of Heroes at? Last I heard it was shut down.
On one of the more popular private servers, I'd rather not be specific for the moment.

You're right that it was shut down, but some guy had been running a private server for years on the down low, which came as a great shock to people who missed the game terribly and were looking for a way to revive it.

After community let's say "discussions", he agreed to release the code into the internet, where it proliferated.

Several servers have popped up, with a couple even continuing updates and quality-of-life fixes (what mine does) and one notably going all out and giving players unusually powerful builds and customization options (a veritable Circe's island of delights)

Such private servers operate completely free of charge - only asking for donations to pay for server costs, which are normally met swiftly, after which they refuse any additional donations for the rest of the month.


This game is going to be sooo freakin' good when it finally comes out! (small studio, so be patient)