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TV Series Thread

Started by PickelledEggs, August 26, 2014, 06:28:36 PM

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Station Eleven
QuoteA post apocalyptic saga spanning multiple timelines, telling the stories of survivors of a devastating flu as they attempt to rebuild and reimagine the world anew while holding on to the best of what's been lost.


Heard about this, so decided to check out The Righteous Gemstones
QuoteFollows a world-famous televangelist family with a long tradition of deviance, greed, and charitable work.


Gf and I finally started watching season 4 of stranger things.
Don´t spoil it yet, we just ended volume 1. Still got two episodes left.

But I fucking called the entire plottwist. To a T :p
Nailed the secret identity qnd pretty much the entire 7th episode by episode 4.
Gf thinks i´m a smug douche now.
She´s probably right.
Like I was.
"If we have to go down, we go down together!"
- Your mum, last night, requesting 69.

Atheist Mantis does not pray.


I haven't even seen a single episode of season 4 and I already have a pretty good guess myself.

A very cheap twist that can be seen coming a mile away.


Tsss, you can't let me have anything, can you? ^^
"If we have to go down, we go down together!"
- Your mum, last night, requesting 69.

Atheist Mantis does not pray.


Now I have to watch it to see if I'm right.  You're not the loser in this exchange.  ><


Yeah, it looks proper. I'd only seen Morpheus when they first revealed, and it's not very good, it's fucking eerie and perfect how much Tom Sturridge looks like him and fit in. The thing is, what is he saying about gender swap and characters in the video has been talked about for a long time. So there is no 'go with it' thing as far as I can see and remember. It's actually probably the reason, I've never enjoyed the Lucifer series even though Gaiman was involved. Seriously, that's Lucifer? Mazikeen is good, but she is not that chatty or close. Desire is perfect...Yikes. Death is very good. Lucienne is the only real gender swap, and looks pretty fine. They didn't show Destruction, Despair, Delight or Destiny in the vid. Delight and Despair is important. Oh Corinthian is perfect too.

My only concern would be presenting the Endless more humane and human than they naturally, originally are. They're not. Nowhere near. They can't even communicate with humans well. They're billions of years old, they're the very essence of the concept they bear. For a small example, Death is not just a sibling Dream can talk to. She is kind of the only entity who can bully him in her way. Well, the big sister. I recognised Mad Hattie, done good. I loved the gate too. Cain and Abel, the gargoyle, Merv, Matthew are good, straight. There are some important human characters, but they didn't show them either. Overall, it seems they went very straight with the original source.

Well, we'll see. But it looks like, Sturridge has already won this one. And cleverly, one of the first shots they've put of him was an iconic one taken from the comic. It's coming out on August 5, I guess.
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Look what just released.

"Oh, wearisome condition of humanity,
Born under one law, to another bound;
Vainly begot, and yet forbidden vanity,
Created sick, commanded to be sound."
--Fulke Greville


Ooh, this is gonna be good!


So, with the news of the declining mental health of Bruce Willis, I've gone back and started watching Moonlighting, the show that made him a star. I went into this with trepidation because it is an 80's TV show and I've noticed lately that stuff from back then tend to be kind of yikes nowadays. Not that I'd call myself woke. I take to many naps for that. But, I was interested if it would hold up at all.

I am pleasantly surprised, but it is hardly the best thing ever. I'll try to explain.

First of, I remember that Willis's David Addison was always hitting on his boss, Cybil Sheppard, or at least making lewd comments. This is balanced by Addison being clown shoes. In the tradition of the old screwball comedies of the 30's, Addison is of a lower class than Maddie Hayes and this challenges his masculinity. His lewdness is an expression of him trying to assert his manhood in a manner often done at the time. So I'm less concerned about that.

The problem, though, is it's a TV series. Each episode has a mystery, some with a decent idea behind them, but not enough time to properly flesh them out. As such, it feels incredibly lightweight We're never really shown clues so we could piece the solution together ourselves. I suppose that's not what we're here for. We're here for the humor, witty banter, and by episode five at least, escalation of the stakes to silly heights or goofy stunts, such as the pilot having them hanging off a clock tower on a ladder. It's light entertainment, nothing more. I guess later season focus even more on the relationship and such which may make the show feel more substantial. But so far, it's poofy.

It did get one good laugh out of me in the pilot. So I'll give it that. But it's not quite as funny as I remember. Probably because the humor is muted. Wikipedia says it's one of the more successful "dramedies" that came out of the mid-80's (anyone else remember Hooperman starring John Ritter?)

I'm enjoying it for the moment. Not sure if I'll get through five seasons of this. And I doubt I'll revisit it again until another forty years past.