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Anti-Semitism in America

Started by Shiranu, February 23, 2023, 02:27:34 AM

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Yeah, it seems the main motivation for the blue checkmark is for the most vile people imaginable to grab the biggest mic they can.  Not so different from Musk himself.

The nazis' stance towards Christianity was certainly strange - on one hand, you have some nazis advocate for "positive Christianity" (Christianity divorced from its Jewish roots and rebranded as Aryan), others were quite fond of german paganism.  Hitler reportedly privately despised Christianity, yet publicly professed to be a leal Christian.  The more scientific-minded (inasmuch as that was allowed - allegations of "jewish science" and all that) among them were quite fond of social Darwinism and so in love with eugenics that any mention of human selective breeding instantly invokes them even almost 80 years later.  Transhumanists and people who advocate for human genetic engineering or even mapping the human genome have to watch their step and plot a very careful course through this ethical minefield.

As far as I can tell, the Nazis simply desired power above all else and were against Christians who opposed them and were quite fond of Christians who were not opposed to them.  That's why their stances swing all over the place.


For once something positive; the beauty of a modern synagogue short.

"A little science distances you from God, but a lot of science brings you nearer to Him." - Louis Pasteur


Jewish DNA tests leaked online

Quotefirst and last name, sex, and 23andMe's evaluation of where their ancestors came from.
Targetting Ashkenazi Jews in particular.

As we all know from history class (just kidding, mine never even touched on the subject) Ashkenazi Jews are essentially Jews of European descent who were largely wiped out in the holocaust and now predominantly live in the US, Israel, and Russia with smaller populations in various countries - almost entirely in Europe, North and South America, and Australia.  They're basically the main ethnic group that neo-nazis are obsessed with.

Quote"Crazy, this could be used by Nazis," one person who appears in the database said.
Ya think?!

QuoteIn an emailed statement, a 23andMe spokesperson said the company believes it wasn't hacked per se. Instead, it believes that the hackers simply gained some users' passwords that had been hacked and leaked from other sites, then exploited the fact that 23andMe can give users vast access to each others' genetic information.

Us?  Nope, we weren't hacked.  Hackers just took people's passwords that were just hanging around on the web and accessed their apparently still active accounts used that to harvest vast swathes of personal and genetic information that persons unknown then trade with each other like they're pokemon cards.

A couple quick questions:
1) How the ever-loving *$(% do you guys know that some of your users' passwords are just drifting around cyberspace and their passwords still work and their accounts are still unlocked?

2) Have you heard of terms like password reset?  Two factor authentication?  Even something as basic as figuring out from where in world this stuff is accessed and comparing it to the norm.  I can't access my Youtube playlist from a library computer without Google having a conniption and counting down like ED-209, but people's passwords and accounts and genetic info is just out there for the taking.  Yeah, that makes sense.

3) Maybe limit a little bit what people can share and see about other people, just a tad.  Maybe instead of putting that stuff out there like a bulletin board how about we use more semi-confidential sharing.  Maybe both accounts have to agree before that info is sent or something.  I dunno, just spitballing here.

QuoteA popular option available to the company's 14 million users, called DNA Relatives, allows any account to search for others who may be even a distant genetic match. A single account can see the accounts of thousands of others.
Oh FFS...  Get rid of that feature pronto!