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Yours favorite arguments for creationism

Started by viocjit, June 19, 2013, 08:14:52 AM

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In this topic I will to list some of my favorite arguments against evolution.

1.This is write in the Bible. Also it does exist this other version : This is in the Qur'an.
You say that this is write in your holy book do you know another source who can confirm that ?

2.If we compare fossiles and the species of our decade we can see that the species never changed.
Learn more about DNA , also learn more about taxonomy.

3.If we are a descendent of the monkeys why monkeys are always present on the earth ?
Because we are not a descendent from monkeys of our decade because you must to know that monkeys and humans are from a same species who are not on earth now.

4.The evolution theory don't explain the apparition of the life on earth therefore this is false.
That is not the goal of evolution theory you must learn the differences between abiogenesis and evolution theory.
Evolution theory explain the evolution of species and abiogenesis explain the apparition of the life on the earth.

5.How the mutations can create a new species ?
That take billions of years , the DNA have a mutation around 0,9% (for humans) by generation.
Conclusion : that is the reason who explain why a new specie will never come from the stomach of a woman.

Do you know others funny arguments againts evolution ?

Jason Harvestdancer

Here's my favorite.

"Everything was created with the appearance of age.  Even though the universe is only 6000 yeas old, everything was made to look older.  The universe was made to look 13.5 billion years old, the earth was made to look 4.5 billion years old, the biosphere was made to look 3.5 billion years old.  Light from distant stars was created in transit so that even though the star would be dead from a scientific point of view we can still see it now as if it existed billions of years ago.  Fossils were put into the ground to fool scientists and tempt them into doubting the Bible.  Animals that supposedly lived millions of years ago never actually existed."

You come to an atheist forum and ask us to come up with arguments for creationism?  How odd.  Are you perhaps asking us to do your work for you since you failed to convince anyone on your own?
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The creationist interpretation of 2nd Law of Thermodynamics always comes to my mind.  Although it's not funny.  It's a disgustingly lazy misrepresentation of the law, probably invented by someone who knew better but thinks lying is OK if it's done in the name of Christianity.  Few in his intended audience would even bother to read what the law says.  They probably wouldn't understand it anyway.  They would be confounded enough to just accept it on the liar's authority.


(1) Special creation of the universe and earth (by a Creator), on the bases of scientific evidence.
(2) Application of the entropy law to produce deterioration on the earth and life, on the bases of scientific evidence.
(3) Special creation of life, on the bases of scientific evidence.
(4) Fixity of original plant and animal kinds, on the bases of scientific evidence.
(5) Distinct ancestry of man and apes, on the bases of scientific evidence.
(6) Explanation of much of earth's geology by a world wide deluge, on the bases of scientific evidence.
(7) Relatively recent origin of the earth and living kinds (in comparison with several billion  years),on the bases of scientific evidence.

I'm not going to take the time to refute these claims because they say on scientific evidence which is ludicrous. There is absolutely no "scientific" evidence that supports any of it. If fact all the scientific evidence shows them to be wrong. Another back hand compliment to science by Christians with faith in the bible as being God's word. Solitary
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The assertion that evolution requires chimeras.  HA!

Suffice it to say that transitional forms need not be a chimaera of two of its descendants (like your mom being a mix of you and another sibling).  That's just not even wrong.


"Why we still got monkeys?"

"A banana fits perfectly into the human hand, therefore god."

"If you believe in evolution, you're racist and support 'might is right' "

" If scientists are right, we would've all been swallowed up by black holes."(I've actually heard this before."
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Jason Harvestdancer

What good is half a monkey?
If man came from monkeys, why are there still Nazis?
Evolution violates the 2nd law of atheism.
Darwin became a transitional form on his deathbed.
Half eyes promote immorality.
White privilege is being a lifelong racist, then being sent to the White House twice because your running mate is a minority.<br /><br />No Biden, no KKK, no Fascist USA!

Rin Hato

Obieru kono te no naka niwa taorareta hana no yuuki.


Has anyone here been to  They really push the fine tuning arguments.  They are doing a seven part series on how water is designed for life.  It is more likely that life was able to adapt to water and get its roots going from there.


Quote from: "Rin Hato"Peanut butter disproves evolution
I love that one.  Who would've thought a sterilized environment would be (relatively) sterile?  (though the contents of my fridge would disagree)

I love how creationists expect bacteria to pop out of nothing.  That model might be missing a few steps.


Creationism is easier to spell than supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.. ?
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