Are you a monkey’s cousin, or is your god is an asshole?

Started by PopeyesPappy, June 16, 2013, 12:58:36 PM

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Quote from: "PopeyesPappy"About 8% of human DNA is viral in origin. Almost all of the viral DNA is common to all primates. There are only two possible explanations for both the commonality and the differences. It accumulated over time in our ancestors during the evolutionary process, or god put it there. The former, like everything else we understand about biology is consistent with evolution. As for the later, well there was no real reason for god to put viral DNA in all its creations. Especially since god would know that I and others like me would see the evidence for evolution and reject creationism. If that is the case my theist friends your god wants me to burn in his hell fires, and that makes him an asshole.

But it's a teeeesssssssstttt of your faaaaiiiiiiiithh.............  :Hangman:
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