Where's Southpark when you need them?

Started by Jutter, June 14, 2013, 01:58:00 PM

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Prism... Putin, Turkey, gun controll, Hop-hop Gangbang-style in India and the icecapades.
The new season won't start untill september and it couldn't feel like a longer fucking wait. We could damn well use Parker and Stone's satirical wit now damnit!
No religion for me thank you very much; I 'm full of shit enough as it is.

Being flabbergasted about existence never made anyone disappear in a poof of flabbergas, so nevermind why we're here. We ARE here.


Southpark is my third favorite TV show. After After It's always sunny in Philadelphia and Yu Yu Hakusho.
"The idea of getting a, y\'know, syringe full of heroin and shooting it in the vein under my cock right now seems like almost a productive act." -Bill Hicks