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The Writing Thread

Started by Farroc, February 21, 2013, 06:14:01 AM

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This is the new official writing thread. Here you get advice for your writing, and discuss all things writing related. Now, to the real reason I made this thread!
I'm writing a book. It is a fiction, with elements of satire, violence, fantasy, humor[sub:2vdr3y4v]1[/sub:2vdr3y4v], philosophy, and subliminal messages designed to convince children to worship Satan[sub:2vdr3y4v]2[/sub:2vdr3y4v]. This is the prologue.
1Not in any obvious way, but rather in the overall ironic themes of the book.
2 :rollin:

   If I died right now, what inconvenience would it be to me? In the last few months Malcolm has pondered this question time and time again, and he has yet to fathom an answer. If there is no afterlife, and we simply cease to be, well, that's just great. It wouldn't bother him, nor anyone else, in the slightest. And if we go on to be reincarnated, that too, would be an acceptable option. That leaves the final option(For Malcolm doesn't consider the concept of heaven and hell to be at all within the realm of plausibility), continuation of our existence. Which again, is an acceptable option.
   Thus comes the question, why? Why continue our mortal existence? By standing on the edge of one the few true skyscrapers in Dallas, with all of his dreams crushed, all of his hopes extinguished, all of the material possessions he owned seemingly meaningless now, he had, at long last, found an answer to the question.
   To help. To help the life around him. For pain, though temporary it may be, is an undeniably negative sensation That much he knew as fact. It was this fact that saved Malcolm's life, for in it, he had found a reason to live.
   As he left the building, he decided to volunteer at the soup kitchen the next morning. Only later, did the irony of a homeless man working at a soup kitchen dawn upon him.
"The idea of getting a, y\'know, syringe full of heroin and shooting it in the vein under my cock right now seems like almost a productive act." -Bill Hicks


I'm a writer, by avocation.  I haven't sold anything yet.  I've written one  book -- the inevitable semi-autobiographical first novel -- based on my experiences growing up in Iran and witnessing the Revolution there.  I have two other books that are progressing in fits and starts.
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Actually, a writing thread would be better in a forum that is not viewable by web spiders and such so that anything put here is not "published."