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Anyone a Fishkeeper?

Started by BettaPonic, January 14, 2017, 09:26:27 PM

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This will be an interesting thread. I am currently looking into making an aquaponic fish farm... maybe a few months to get a handle on the legal aspect. and a whole lot of months for seed money;-)

I haven’t had any tank yet. But I got bored one day in Jr H.S. and started perusing the book shelf. Some of the books belonged to my dad, but there were a lot of my grandpa’s books on the shelf. I found a 1940ish book giving detailed instructions on how to set up a fish tank without electricity [no air pump, no water pump to filter poop]. It never crossed my mind that people were making fish tanks before electricity was commonplace. I quickly realized that today this would be a challenge for the most advanced fish-keeper and I wanted to take it on. .... maybe someday.

If any of you have interesting websites on fish supplies, let’s see them

This is an internet aquarium supply based in Florida

another aquarium supply

This is some boring stuff I’m trying to understand about CA aquaculture law
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Quote from: _Xenu_ on December 26, 2017, 02:24:43 PM
I have never heard of betas needing filters. Bigger tanks than they are often sold in, yes.

I attached onion bag mesh over the filters. 

But the main tank has gotten worse.  Cyanobacterial infection.  Looks like algae but it isn't.  I empties the tank and bleached it twice.  Now I have "Chem Clean" I hope I have that right.  It isn't erythomycin; that would be a last resort.
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I've successfully treated a tank for cyanobacterium with tetracycline. It wasn't really that bad, but I had to re-cycle the whole thing.
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I am glad to report that the cyanobacteria SEEMS to have been utterly removed!  Now I want some live plants like anacharis...
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