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Abiogenesis is impossible

Started by challengeatheism, January 03, 2017, 08:12:02 PM

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Quote from: PickelledEggs on January 10, 2017, 01:14:22 PM
So you want me to bring him back?

Nah.  He's where he belongs.  Though I may deploy the text analysis sooner, next time we have an infestation.
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Quote from: trdsf on January 10, 2017, 03:46:12 PM
Nah.  He's where he belongs.  Though I may deploy the text analysis sooner, next time we have an infestation.
Lol I can always give you troll cage access, if you want to confront him with that

Sent from your mom.

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Quote from: drunkenshoe on January 04, 2017, 07:02:24 AM
Atheism: Lack of belief in gods an deities.

Challenge: "Abiogenesis is impossible."

Challenger: challengeatheism

Anaology: Because it is like a 1000 men death squad firing nd hitting a man...and intelligent design is awesome, look I can make up several other anologies to show how impossible abiogenesis is.

Reasoning presented by the challenger: "Hail Intelligent Design! Even though I don't really get what is this irreducible complexity, it looks very complex. Let's argue from ignorance. Fuck falsifiability, I dunno what it is, because I don't understand what scientific method is, so fuck it anyway. Cells are soooo complex and soooo cute, look at them, they are full of information! I am drowning in false dilemma(s) because I think this IC thing sounds cool and it looks some sort of a theory against the theory of evolution which I have no idea that that it is actualy the evolutionary sciences have been at work for a long time to make these explanations and the basic theory of evolution itself has been the crucial beginning point of modern sciences and as it constantly keeps getting confirmed right and left -which I keep benefitting every time I get sick- I have no idea the field has been far advanced and embraces everything, therefore I don't understand that by pulling something out from cell biology that I don't get, I am actually not able to challenge the theory of evolution or atheism or cup of noodles for that matter, because it is fucking meaningless. Because while one is a scientific theory, the other is an ancient greek word used to describe a neutral position of the group of people who lack the belief of gods and deities; a nonbeliever group that is consisted of every kind of people from every culture, some might have never heard the word abiogenesis, or even care about it, some might not even call themselves atheists. The cup of noodles is my only ally here. Because abiogenesis is impossible, because obviously there must be a designer and I want one and it feels cold and unsafe, I feel like there must be one."

Atheism: Lack of belief in gods and deities.

You spanked him with his own phallacies fallacies!
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