Help children be safer from CATHOLIC pedophile priests! .........

Started by 21CIconoclast, May 26, 2016, 01:01:34 PM

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Please make it safer for the young innocent children that live near a Catholic church in your area
by contacting your Congressmen or Senator to bring forth a law, in part, that contains the following;

"From this day forth, all Catholic churches will be at least
1000 feet from any residence, grade school, private school, or Day Care Center,
so as to give the young children within these entities a running head start
to get away from the pedophile clergy within said church that is nearby."

It is the least that one can do for a safer environment for our children.

Benedict! Not here, we’ll save him for
later out of sight, remember?!

“When Christians understand why you dismiss all the other gods in the Before Common Era, then you will understand why I dismiss your serial killer god named Yahweh.”