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Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures h...
Last post by Blackleaf - Today at 04:01:16 PM
Quote from: Hydra009 on May 26, 2024, 07:03:49 PM

Now with AI taking over every artform, even music, there's little point in art anymore. You could spend years honing your craft through hard work, study techniques, buy tools to increase your range, and spend hours making something special, or you could give an AI a prompt and have them do it for you in seconds. And if you choose the former, your work will just be buried by AI crap anyway.

A few years ago, if you told me art would be "democratized," as they like to put it, I would have imagined new technology that stimulates parts of the brain used to create art, not paying for access to an AI that does all the fucking work for you. Who the hell asked for this distopian bullshit?

Tell a Joke or two / Re: the other jokes
Last post by Hydra009 - Today at 03:48:58 PM
I quit drinking cold turkey.

That stuff tasted terrible.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures h...
Last post by Hydra009 - Today at 12:40:25 PM
Quote from: drunkenshoe on Today at 07:07:32 AMMy parents would be proud and happy. Lol, seriously.

After catching a clip from the very decent neo-noir crime film "In Cold Blood", I was pursuing Robert Blake's wiki. Geez, from a lead spot as an "our gang" kid to being on trial for shooting his wife in the head.  I would watch Baretta just to see that cockatoo "Fred".
Memory, starring liam neeson.

Definitely not bad. Perhaps a little slow for a whydunnit-thriller.
I remember watching the original belgian film 'de zaak alzheimer' fondly. But that was 20 years ago and films were a bit slower then.

Gotta say, the original wins out. But if you hate reading subtitles  you might as wel go with liam neeson.
Quote from: Cassia on Today at 09:07:57 AMHIMARS on the Kremlin. Old Putin will be down in the basement for a few years if you need him.
It would certainly make Putin more amenable to peace talks.  The only reason why Putin keeps this war going is because he still thinks he can win.  When he hits an insurmountable wall - which he hasn't yet - it's over.
HIMARS on the Kremlin. Old Putin will be down in the basement for a few years if you need him.
North By Northwest - Still as good as I remembered. Some of the romantic scenes did not age well and reflect the Hollywood tropes of the 1950s, but the story still held my attention.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures h...
Last post by drunkenshoe - Today at 07:07:32 AM
My parents would be proud and happy. Lol, seriously.
Atari acquires Intellivision

So, this is big news, if you remember video games from before the NES. It's akin to Coke buying Pepsi. Although there's more to it than that.

For the last couple years, Intellivision was owned by Tommy Tallarico and he'd been wasting his time with a thing called the Amico.

It's kind of a long story, so here's a couple long videos.

One about Tommy himself that touches on the Amico debacle

This one is about the Amico scam in general in a kind of timeline.

tl;dr Tommy Tallarico, who I guess is kinda famous for making music and sound effects for video games, like Super Tofu Boy, bought the rights to the old 70's/early 80's console, the Intellivision with the idea of making a modern game console, about ten years too late for the Android boxes that were coming out in the wake of the Ouya's failure. This console has been a cavalcade of failure where, so far, the product to have come out is empty boxes for some of the games for this system. Despite all this, they continue to say they will release the console after about five years of delays and failed crowdfunding.

Part of the problem with the whole Amico thing is the Intellivision branding. It got the attention of older gamers who remember that system, and lead to the controllers being a non-functional mess to make them similar-looking to the original Intellivision controllers. In demo event, they usually just have people link their cell phones with the console since it's more reliable.

But, in the end, launching a video game hardware company was simply a bad idea. That the console still hasn't come out just makes it more scam-like. But it was never going to be a success.

And now they don't even have the branding they used to have.

Atari buying the brand, which includes 200 titles, apparently, is one of the better outcomes. Atari has been doing well with their own brand and now they could do the same for Intellivision. This is better than a crypto ho buying it to make NFTs out of it, as I heard at one point.

This is a load off of my mind. It means the legacy may be somewhat safe and if they release some kind of controller, because intellivision controllers don't map onto modern controllers very well, this will keep the game available. Which is all I care about.