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Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures h...
Last post by Hydra009 - June 24, 2024, 11:52:31 PM

Also, the sleep quality is a crapshoot.  It's either 1 hour or 6 hours or 20 hours and I have no ability to influence any of it.  It's like turning off a PC and then turning it back on - maybe it restarts correctly in record time, maybe it has to update, maybe it's bricked.  Who knows.  Not me.
Political/Government General Discussion / Re: Election Thread 2024
Last post by Hydra009 - June 24, 2024, 10:49:36 PM
Republican seeks to block the certification of his Republican rival

"I never thought the leopard klan we raised together would try to eat *my* face!"

QuoteRep. Bob Good said Monday his campaign would file a legal challenge to "try to block certification" of the Republican primary election in a key city in Virginia's 5th District as he trails his opponent in the vote count.
Take note that everything they're doing here, they're going to do in November.

QuoteGood claimed during an appearance on Steve Bannon's "War Room" podcast Monday
Oof.  Going on the disgraced Trumper's podcast - the same guy who iirc has to go report to prison soon.  That's how you know everything's above board.

These are totally normal election challenges that happen every time someone loses and gets really, really, really butthurt about it.  And the evidence is pretty solid - apparently there were fires and those sorts of things don't just happen (there weren't really any fires, tellingly) so the city of Lynchburg should just do a do-over election.

So in the Republican spirit of election "integrity", I'd like to throw my hat into the ring in this election.  Was I born there?  Nope, but neither was Ted Cruz.  Did I live there?  Nope, but neither did Lauren Boebert.  And I might have a hard time convincing whoever's in charge of elections in Virginia, probably Nikki Haley, according to Trump.  Maybe Obama.  Man person woman man...something, I forget.

The point is, we need to redo the election because it wasn't free and fair.
If I lose, I get a rematch.
If I win, I keep the seat.  Forever.
Russia summons US ambassador over Crimean missile attack

I hope they send this guy:

Russia again threatens
Quote"You should ask my colleagues in Europe, and above all in Washington, the press secretaries, why their governments are killing Russian children," Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

At least two children were killed in the attack on Sevastopol on Sunday, according to Russian officials. People were shown running from a beach near Sevastopol and some of the injured being carried off on sun loungers. Kyiv did not comment on the attack but denies targeting civilians.
That sort of grandstanding is giving off serious Kane in Tiberian Dawn vibes ("how could GDI do this??" *shoots cameraman*)

But I love answering dumb questions so I'll answer his dumbass question:

Every Russian who crosses from the internationally-recognized Russian border into Ukraine without permission should be considered dead.  Soldiers, men, women, children, etc.  All dead.  Dead from the instant they step foot onto Ukrainian soil without permission.  This is not to imply that they are targeted as Ukrainian children are targeted by Russian soldiers - Ukraine is full of landmines and unexploded bombs and drones and burning Russian vehicles and living Russian soldiers - all of which are a threat to children.

Russians entering Ukraine are entering a warzone at best and participating in atrocities at worst.  All of that is criminal activity - from simple trespassing all the way to crimes against humanity, like the intentional slaughter of civilians at Bucha.  If, by some miracle, these people don't die and are merely apprehended or escape back to Russia or some other fate, they should count their blessings and reflect on the recklessness of their behavior.

If Boris and Natasha decide to recklessly drag little Putin to Crimea and they get hurt, it's their own choice and their own fault and they should take accountability for their own actions.  Similarly, Tsar Putin should accept his own role in the deaths of thousands of Russians and should make good on his stated desire for peace and immediately put an end to the bloodshed by withdrawing invading Russian troops.

A nation waging a war of aggression - waging an especially cruel and brutal one at that - cannot cry over spilled blood.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post Funny Videos
Last post by Hydra009 - June 24, 2024, 06:00:40 PM
Me busting out my best dance moves:
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures h...
Last post by Gawdzilla Sama - June 24, 2024, 02:39:59 PM
I shared an office with three other T/As when I was at Purdue. We had our own printer. Of course it broke the first day I was in that office, angry glances my way... They called Support who sent a guy over. He opened the printer, took three sheets of paper out of the feed tray and close it. It immediately started printing our items.

The tech said "Hail, Cthulhu!" and left. 
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures h...
Last post by Blackleaf - June 24, 2024, 02:28:48 PM
Quote from: Hydra009 on June 23, 2024, 10:24:17 PM

Error: out of cyan
Plz contact HP to set up an ink subscription plan (I wish I was kidding about that)

There's literally a scene in Office Space about destroying the printer that gave them all so much grief. lol

This has been a constant problem.

Top recent news:

Ukraine hit a Russian command post  The telegram post reports several Russian officers as well as the commander KIA.  Awaiting confirmation.

Crimea river: Russian air defense reportedly did successfully intercept an ATACMS missile, but they bizarrely did it over a crowded beach, which inadvertently (I hope it was inadvertent) rained cluster munitions near civilians - civilians vacationing in AN ACTIVE WARZONE not far from a military base in a country they definitely weren't invited to - the dictionary definition of invasion.  I feel sorta bad that some civilians were reportedly hurt/killed - but jeez louise, Crimea ain't exactly known as the safest place to be.  They knew it was risky AF.  And it's not like the Ukrainians didn't warn Russian civilians to stay away from Crimea.  And this isn't exactly the first time Russians got a rude awakening at a Crimean beach, so there's a zero percent chance they didn't know it wasn't safe.  No excuses.

Speaking of excuses, Russia of course blames the US for this.  And once again, Ukraine only has ATACMS because Ukraine is at war.  Ukraine is only at war because they're invaded.  Putin is responsible for everything, so save the bellyaching for Putin.  Everything Russians have sown, he's planted.  He decided to invade Ukraine, so he's responsible for every single Ukrainian and Russian death there as the result of his war of choice.  He's also responsible for the enlargement of NATO, the complete alienation of Ukraine from Russia, and the isolation of Russia from the world, replaced with the embrace of tin-pot dictators like Kim Jong Un.

Satellite images confirm destruction of Russian warehouse used to store shahed drones
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures h...
Last post by Hydra009 - June 23, 2024, 10:24:17 PM

Error: out of cyan
Plz contact HP to set up an ink subscription plan (I wish I was kidding about that)
Film, Music, Sports, and more / Re: TV Series Thread
Last post by Hydra009 - June 23, 2024, 09:21:50 PM

In footage that I'm surprised isn't even the 4th most shocking thing I've seen today, a russian infantry took a grazing hit by a small fpv drone and was very quickly and casually Old Yellered by his nearby "comrade", who barely paused his march.

This dude almost certainly could have survived.  At the very least, there could've been some perfuctory attempt at first aid.  Instead, the other guy did his best Kristi Noem impression.  Barbarous.  Anybody like that in a western military unit would get court martialed or perhaps killed on sight by the rest of his squad.  Because you can't work with someone you can't trust and you can't trust someone who does stuff like that.

It just goes to show how little Russian lives are valued by other Russians.