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Title: Notes to themilkman
Post by: Jedster on February 25, 2013, 05:35:26 AM
I saw these posted in another forum.

" dear milkman, i've just had a baby, please another one. "

" please leave an extra pint of paralyzed milk. "

" please don't leave anymore milk. all they do is drink it. "

" sorry about yesterday's note, i didn't mean one egg and a dozen pint, but the other way " round. "

" sorry not to have paid your bill before, but my wife had a baby, and i've been carrying it around in my pocket for weeks. "

" when you leave my milk, knock on my bedroom window and wake me because i want you to give me a hand to the mattress. "

" my daughter says she wants a milkshake. do you do it before you deliver, or do i have to shake the bottle? "

" please send me a form for cheap milk for a baby two months old and did not know about it until a neighbor told me. "

" from now on please leave two pints every other days and one pint on the two days in between, except wednesday and saturday when i don't want any milk. "

" my back door is open. please put milk in " fridge ", get money out of cup in drawer and leave change in kitchen table, because we want to play bingo tonight. "

" please leave no milk today. when i say today, i mean tomorrow, for i wrote this note yesterday or is it today? "

" when you come with the milk please put the coal in the boiler, let the dog out, and put newspaper inside the screen door. p.s. don't leave any milk. "

" no milk. please do not leave milk either as he is dead until further notice. "