Religion is taking down a giant......................

Started by Mike Cl, June 24, 2022, 05:24:42 PM

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Mike Cl

And that giant is the US. 

Separation of Church and State Is Crumbling Before Our Eyes

"In fact, it is clear that over time, whether it is cases like those mentioned above, or others requiring the teaching of Bible-based alternatives to evolution or the ascendancy of those with extreme religious views to our courts (when it is likely atheists would never get confirmed), the wall separating church and state has been so battered and beaten down that it is little more than rubble at this point."

That wall that Jefferson mentioned is merely a pile of bricks.  We will soon be ruled by a white nationalist christian gang with fascist views.

As the author states: "It is a sorry state of affairs. We are living in a moment in which what is broken in our Constitution we can't fix (see our constitutionally mandated drift toward minority rule) and what is not broken we are breaking."  It used to be a 'sorry state of affairs' but is now a dire state of affairs.  Our hero, Rusty Bowers illustrates this for us; he has been tortured professionally by trump and his family has been terrorized  in his own home.  He told us that the constitution is a divinely inspired document (and that thinking is the problem we are now facing), yet he supports trump.  He twice voted for the fuck, and said he will do so again in 2024.  How can such abject stupidity be overcome?????
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Luther Martini

Quote from: Mike Cl on June 24, 2022, 05:24:42 PMWe will soon be ruled by a white nationalist christian gang with fascist views.

Yes, and after the 21st Century Inquisition, during which all non-christians are either killed, imprisoned, or otherwise neutralized, the real bloodbath will ensue.  The bloodiest fight will be over whose version of christianity will prevail as the ruling dogma.  Perhaps the ignorant fuckers who are celebrating today will wish that they had left well enough alone.


Yeah, the American experiment is nearing its end, and it won't be pretty. But maybe I'm wrong and we can overcome the right-wing bastards who are vying for total power. I'd pray, but I'd just be talking to myself.
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