Should I get banned because I think phattmatt and his girlfriend are spamming?

Started by Solitary, May 23, 2014, 05:59:09 PM

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Quote from: Solitary on May 23, 2014, 07:09:01 PM
This is a message I got from proudass:   For your general knowledge PM's are not accessible by mods or administrators, they are truly private messages. PM's are considered private and not to be published. Remember that PM's are at the consideration of the receiver, abuse of the PM system can be as simple as refusing to stop correspondence when asked by the receiver. That is considered harassment. Harassment or threats may be brought to the council's attention and action will be taken. I never published a PM, but sent it to administration because I feel I am being harassed by proudass. I've been at the infidel forum atheistsforums since it started with Reggie. If I have to I will get my lawyer on this. This is all because Phattmatt with a picture of him, and his girlfriend on the computer, and I claimed they were trolling the site.  Then I was accused of trolling by copy and pasting a wall of text to provide information and to support my original posts.  Am I the only one that realizes this? Solitary.
Wrong. You published it in the thread "message from staff" in the Introduction section. That's why I closed that thread, deleted the content of your post and left there the link to the forum's rules.


Holy Asgard. PhattMatt has made another site all about him. He must be a truly fat and happy troll after all this.

I couldn't understand how he lasted as long as he did at, nor do I understand how he has managed to stick here as long as he has. He has a single agenda to bring all topics of conversation around to him. Too bad The Pope isn't here to resurrect his "This Week in Trolling" thread. Then Matt would get so much attention that even his ego would finally feel stroked.
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Whatever you feel about this recent...thing...doesn't really matter. I mean well when I say that. I haven't paid much attention to this particular phenomenon, but I've seen enough to decide I don't like it. That being said, I, like many others see it as an attention whore, so I ignore it for the most part. IIRC I only made two other post about it and that was asking a question about the ramifications of calling it, and telling it that if it had to ask if it needs to be banned that it probably needs to be banned. I feel like this thing is best dealt with by denying it the attention it seeks. Once we ignore it all the mods need to do is mop up the mess.
Some people need to be beaten with a smart stick.

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Ok, so let me get this straight.. You guys are in relationships with fake, virtual women from some game world?

Oh yeah. I'm the weird one around here no doubt. I actually talk to real live flesh and blood women...except the one with the African customs thing, but that's ALL in the past now so let's not talk about that anymore.  You guys are WEIRD! :lol:
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I had about 2 conversations with the clown. That was all I needed to see before he went to the ol ignore list. He'll fuck up enough to alert the Internet "authorities"... tic....toc..tic....toc
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I don't understand the problem, but then I don't even open threads he starts.  I read a few of his posts early on, and decided he had nothing to offer but nonsense.  The sad part is that he's taking up time and space.  There has been a drop in new interesting threads because everyone's energy has been used up confronting him.  This is what he wants.  He's taking control of the forum.  And the forum suffers for it.

If I were a newbie stopping by to lurk and saw people spending so much time discussing his bullshit, I'd move on and write this place off as a pointless forum devoted mostly to threads of petty crap.  Forum activity has been low since the meltdown, but I'd prefer an atmosphere of  not much happening to an atmosphere of petty communication.  We should welcome newcomers looking to engage in thoughtful communication and discourage or ban the trolls in a timely fashion before they wreck the joint.


I hope to stop posting nonsense and become a contributing member of the forum who doesnt provoke or offend anyone or break the rules.  Thank you for letting me know how offensive I am.  Believe it or not, I'm surprised.

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He's not worth the trouble of all the broohaha. Use ignore folks. It's pretty simple. Pull up your forum profile till you get to 'modify profile' where you can add this turd to your ignore list then every post he makes will simply say, 'You are ignoring this member' and gives you the option to view the post if you want to.
if mods want to keep hiding behind "I don't read every post" even after repeated complaints then perhaps they need to drop the staff status and stop pretending to give a shit about the well being of the forum. I understand the need for leeway and appreciate it as do most of us, but when the leeway is used to manipulate this forum maybe it's time to change the leeway rules.
If I get banned for breaching rules I can live with it, but letting someone consistently breach it till there are entire threads dedicated to complaints about one individual and staff ignores it then to me it seems it's time to find new staff.
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I can hardly believe what I'm reading.

It feels like a bad dream but I dont think I is


Okay, I don't usually feel the need to ban someone like this guy... but with all of this drama and on top of the fact that I can't get over the feeling like this guy is a hardcore troll... seriously. I banned his ass.

Seriously tired of this attention whoring shit that I've been reading.  I sincerely apologize to those that had to deal with him.  I was up visiting my grandma for the last week and have been super busy.

Solitary, you are a extremely valued member of this forum and I would hate to see you go over this ordeal.  I know that the request to add sources upsets you a bit, but the request wasn't intended to accuse you of plagiarism.  It is a general request from me and the other staff to make sure that sources are credited properly and it shouldn't be a tough task to copy-paste the source.

Anyways.... fuck, seriously... that dude needs help.

He's gone and all 50 ips he posted from (that is also suspicious)


Quote from: wolf39us on May 24, 2014, 08:09:58 AM
He's gone and all 50 ips he posted from (that is also suspicious)

Ha, I think you just blocked half of the public libraries in the Twin Cities.
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Good. I'm glad he's banned, but he'll likely find another way in. Fucking moron.
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He will find a way to sock puppet the fuck out of this forum just like he did the last one.