David Attenborough, the natural world under attack.

Started by Munch, April 18, 2019, 08:35:45 PM

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He won't admit it here, because the message would just knock people off listening to him, but I know I've heard him say in the past on just how the overpopulation of the human species is the blame for so much of this now.

And thats the saddest part of all this, for every person a message like this reached, there are 10 others who just won't acknowledge it, ignore it, or pretend to hear it and just carry on forgetting the message a week later.

to be honest, if what him and other scientists say is spot on, that things progressing so rapidly now in climate change that it becomes irreversible within a decade from now, part of me just thinks, maybe its just as well. If the everyday guy doesn't do shit to change, if the big industries don't do shit to change, if politicians don't so shit to change, they why even bother trying anymore, just let the bad shit come and wipe the slate clean.

I don't say that though with a complete nihilistic pov, I have family I want to see survive, my loved ones who I don't want to see suffer. Its hard to think about the things we have now and thinking of all that going to shit for them, and that feeling that even if I do something myself, it won't make any difference if the people who have the power to change if don't do anything.

So it just comes back to that nihilistic sense of why bother again. Even my own mother, who loves her grandchildren so utterly, when talking to her about this, is just feeling that if this happens, it happens, if the ones with the ability to change it don't do so, then the small guy trying to make a difference can't do much.

I think this is why people often write and create post apocalyptic stories of much of humanity being wiped out and seeing the effects, because some of them know this could happen one way or another at one point.

Sorry for the downer post, but I hold a lot of respect of Attenborough, and when he says something like this, it just wakes you up to the reality of the situation.

and just to not leave any details off, my effort to make a difference is to heavily recycle, save all the plastics like plastic bags and have them given to services that recycle them. I keep plastic straws and spoons and do the same there. I take the bus or walk and don't drive a car. I don't leave things plugged on when not in use. And I don't intend to have children.
I'm not perfect of course, i still produce trash and that still gets taken to whatever landfill it goes to, only because the local recycle firms won't take certain things themselves so no choice otherwise. I buy things from industries that pump out co2, and have worked for companies that only care about production, not keeping the planet safe.

Also, I noticed this.


Good message.. why he needed to shave his beard still, but guess it got people to notice.
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The West buries their trash in Africa and in China.  Because of the trade war, China is now blocking importation of landfill material.

This means that soon Europe and N America will look like Paris during a trash collection strike ... yikes!
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