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Lifelike paintings

Started by Mr.Obvious, December 22, 2021, 05:21:10 PM

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Friends of mine made this video.
Found it quite interesting myself. I don't think the mirror idea is far fetched.
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Ha! :D Thank your friends for me.

Not interestingly, if memory serves right, a similar thing has happened with Renaissance masters decades ago when the writer of the camera book finally pointed out the 'camera' and how they probably painted for the first time. Someone gave an extreme emotional reaction. That was funny then. The thing is, it's been officially or unofficially pointed out many times that these people -even in different period- had this kind of trade secrets and set ups. Why wouldn't they? Forget everything about art of the time -which is not even accepted as art then- they have painted for natural born piece of shit assholes like kings and queens and popes and cardinals, ffs. They are expected to trick,astonish, dazzle those people who most of the time had no taste or understanding of it.

But there is always some idiot acting hurt. Hype? Some sort narcissism? If an art historian -or some expert in the field- is surprised by this, they are either faking or has another agenda. Seriously, what's the deal? I think this is about the general European tourism. I mean it. LOL Do these people even know masters only paint faces and some details, and the rest is handled by the nameless workshop artisans? Overall, there is an issue there to study from an emotional, culture and value creating point to identity in a negative sense. Treating Western art as something divine... :lol:

Why would Penn and Teller try to 'trick' people in this context? What's the motivation or the gain in going that way? Also, forget everything, someone would figure it out in the end, and they know that better than anyone. Half of being a magician is reputation, ffs. Imo, magicians are the go to lot to solve this kind of stuff. There is a huge 'kitchen' area with this and they occupy the natural mechanics field in there.
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