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Proof That God Exists

Started by Solitary, October 30, 2013, 09:17:18 PM

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Quote from: "frosty"So, essentially, this formula was for making scientific processes easier, and some people made a claim that this proves the existence of god? But couldn't I hypothetically make a formula and claim the same thing, or even the opposite? Hasn't it already been established across the board that numbers and mathematics only has significance if we choose to assign value to those specific numbers and formula? In that case, someone made up a formula, knowing that, just to say "this is proof god exists"? It sounds to me like something a 4 year old kid would do.

Quote from: "frosty"I would appreciate if someone were to answer the other post I had in this thread. I want to know if I got it all wrong or if what I said is really what is going on here. If what I said truly applies here than that is a childish and disgraceful misuse of mathematics.

Yes, your earlier post was pretty much spot on. That's why math is not considered a science. It is a language, and like any language  it can be useful if used properly. Unfortunately, it follows that it could also be used childishly. And using it to prove the existence of a deity would fall in that category.


Wow, now I feel sorry for that guy in high school that got suspended because he argued with a teacher about how math in general is an accepted human creation. Never question anything outside the box in a Catholic high school, they will go Medieval on your ass in a heartbeat.