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recently made a new youtube channel

Started by the concerned atheist, March 27, 2014, 12:19:48 AM

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the concerned atheist

i have made a new youtube channel i am the concerned atheist it is an atheism blog and it is my opinions on stupidity in religion and media it is where ill try to help out viewers i will answer my comments and i will maby start live events where ill connect with my viewers when i get more subscribers and viewers. i will also help viewers out by answering comments and maby even make video segments where ill answer videos questions from other videos on one half than the other half ill answer the comments. i am a friendly person and really want to get to know my viewers. my videos arent high quality or big on budget at the time all i got to work with right now is my cell phone(films the video) my laptop(edits with a poor video editor, records audio for my reading) and a cheap and poor quality webcam(for live events and other stuff) but ill try to get better with my videos. and i promise to be an atheist who cares for his fellow man and woman and i ignore noone except religous terrorists that send me death threats or who try to convert me and my viewers

my youtube channel is:

thank you for reading this and also especially thank you for watching my channel if you do

ps. feed knowledge


I hope you'll be succesful!
I've watched two of your video's, the intro and 'myth's and lie's...'
Hope you don't mind some feedback, there are a few things that, in my opinion, could be done better. The use of a tripod could improve your video-quality immensly and it would leave your upper body free. You could zoom out more and use your hands to help your communication.  Another thing would be spelling, and I'm the last  person to point this out (English isn't my native language) but in the 'myth's' video there are some things that I think are wrong, and if you use written words so little, it's important to double-check them. For instance it is 'myths', 'lies' and 'atheists' instead of 'myth's', 'lie's' and 'atheist's', I think.
But most importantly, because this is an interesting topic in need of advocates, you need to find something to make you stand out. I'm not saying 'invent' something and become a charicature, but find something within yourself that makes you stand out. The idea has been done and those who become atheists popular on youtube have a certain style or energy they pass on to their viewers. Find out what this is for you
But overall, keep updating and keep doing what you like. It's always good to see more reason on the internet. I wish you the best.
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It says the video doesn't exist. I really wanted to see it. Bummer! Solitary
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