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Geek Debate

Started by wolf39us, September 04, 2013, 11:53:33 PM

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I was going to say Keaton but then I thought the better of it.  Nostalgia goggles can be misleading.

Christian Bale is probably the best, despite his jarringly guttural batman voice.

Clooney was definitely the worst of the bunch, imho.  Sweet Jesus, he was terrible.




Bale, not even a competition.

But to be fair, they played very different Batmen so it's like judging two different genres... it all comes down to which sort of story your prefer. As I prefer the more serious atmosphere of Nolan's Batman, there is simply no way the other's can be "Batman" to me. But if you want a more traditional, true the comic or just plain comedy I can see the appeal of the other's as well. Just not my thing.
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Burt Ward!  :evil:  He shoulda been Batman or perhaps Earnest Borgnine.
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Insult to Rocks

I'm sorry, who are these guys? There's only one batman for me, and he's much cooler than these posers.
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I never liked Batman, especially Bale with his rapist voice "I'm batman, Im going to rape you!"

That said, he probably acted the roll the best, all things considered.

Now if you want to start a Bond debate, that will face some stiff competition
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DCAU Batman is best Batman.
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After the new Robocop, you will have to think about a Robocop nerd post. I go for Peter Weller because he has a degree in Renaissance Art History (!)


Quote from: "Insult to Rocks"I'm sorry, who are these guys? There's only one batman for me, and he's much cooler than these posers.
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I think I agree with ITR