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The Official AF Members Photography Thread!

Started by Zatoichi, March 04, 2013, 11:42:27 PM

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If you aren't published, you should be.
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Quote from: "bennyboy"Genius.

If you aren't published, you should be.

Agreed. All of them are very captivating.
lol, marquee. HTML ROOLZ!







I've said it before but I would hire you PR. If you are not making money off these you are missing out I think.
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Quote from: "pr126"Thanks for the comments. It is a rewarding hobby, but can be expensive.

Pr please give me the link to your photography website, hon.    =D>  =D>  =D>
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You're a wonderful photographer, pr.

I just like cats.

This is Chester. He's not dead, just napping. And stupid. Very stupid.
The cat is Junior, the dog is Elvis. This is a rare moment of them getting along.
What happens when I leave my drawer open.
What's a "Leppo?"


A juvenile Eastern Bluebird

A Green Heron hunting

A juvenile Chipping Sparrow begging to be fed by an adult

A Blue Jay with a missing tail!

A solitary Canada Goose at the lake

Sunlight and water

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I just happened to notice this is the 'OFFICIAL' members photography thread.. Where's the unofficial one so I can post unauthorized photos of 'nasty' stuff? :shock:
All hail my new signature!

Admit it. You're secretly green with envy.


Legi, Intellexi, Condemnavi.

"Religion is the human response to being alive and having to die." ~Anon

Inter arma enim silent leges


I'm going to start out with a confession; I use my cellphone for my photos, nor am I an amazing photographer... so...yeah...

Pictures I got at the Botanical Garden in San Antonio...

I have some from the Hawai'i Garden where I got the picture of me with the Bodhi tree (I think I posted that before?) and local, but I need to find them again and get them on the web...
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The Whit

Pretty good shots for a phone cam.

The photos in this thread are awesome.
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goddamn, I don't where PR lives but I like it.
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