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Any gamers around here?

Started by Agramon, June 21, 2013, 02:55:17 AM

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I'm glad people are enjoying Elden Ring, but Souls-like games aren't for me. They make me angry. Very angry. I try to avoid that. The only Souls-like I've enjoyed so far is Jedi: Fallen Order, both because I know and enjoy the universe and because it has three difficulty sliders that can be adjusted at any time. I'm curious about what George R. R. Martin contributed to the Elden Ring, but I think I'll just wait for Fallen Order 2. lol
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Mike Cl

I noticed that Steam is selling the 3 game STALKER series with the proceeds going to the Ukraine.  Makes me feel sort of sad that I have all three of them already--and they are actually very good games if one likes RPG's.
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Playing the first ps4 spiderman game.
Not bad, mkay?
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Officially at a 100 hours into Elden Ring now, still really enjoying it; I started a new character because I had taken a bit of a break and just forgot stuff, about 20 hours into this one now... the exploration of the first two zones has obviously lost a bit of it's charm, but the gameplay is still super smooth and challenging and I know there are several zones I've still yet to see.
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So, I've been playing some text adventures lately. Mostly the Scott Adams adventures. I had a couple carts for the ViC-20 when I was a kid. I had beaten Adventureland back in the day and was rather proud of that, but it turns out these games are short and simple, so I guess I'm not a genius for beating it.

Pirate's Cove had me stuck back in the day because the poisonous snake just killed the squirrel the game told me was a mongoose. I didn't think to drop the parrot because why would the parrot fight off a snake? Goddammit.

I didn't have Mission: Impossible AKA Secret Mission back then and playing it now, I'm glad I didn't. It's just such a boring game. I used a hint sheet and I'm not sorry. The basic action of the whole game, the main puzzle you do over and over, is to sit in a chair, push some buttons, then get a key card that will let you through a door and get a thing so you can go back to that room with the chair, push more buttons and go through a different door. Lather Rinse Repeat. It's basically Backtracking the Game.

Another that I didn't manage to beat was Voodoo Castle, but I got perilously close to finishing it. The plot is you're friend the count is cursed and you have to break the curse by gathering items. This one is written by Adams's wife at the time, so it could be assumed that the main character is female and trying to save her boyfriend. There's nothing in the game to support this, but nothing to refute it, either. I guess they could be gay.

Anyways, so after forty years, I finally finished it and here's the ending:

Pins fall out of doll
HURRAH! Look who is in the room!
The game is now over.

Wait! Who's in the room? Is it Santa Claus? I'll bet it's Santa Claus.

Forty years and all I get is four disappointing lines of text.

I'm going to put "Look who is in the room" on a t-shirt. And then I could just wear it.


Quote from: Agramon on June 21, 2013, 02:55:17 AMDid we lose the last gaming thread? I can't seem to find it.

Anyway, I just finished The Last of Us and all I can say is wow. A game hasn't made me ask moral questions like that in a very long time (if ever). I'd definitely recommend it if you have the time/money.
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Hope that helps.


Why are you replying to a post from 2013, and why does your reply have nothing to do with the post you're quoting?
"Oh, wearisome condition of humanity,
Born under one law, to another bound;
Vainly begot, and yet forbidden vanity,
Created sick, commanded to be sound."
--Fulke Greville