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Started by SoldierofFortune, January 21, 2022, 03:33:45 AM

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So I was watching a documentary narrating WW2 and I ve arrived at the following conclusion after paying thought to it for about almost exactly 2-3 mins.

As is told Churchill was a problem drinker, a heavy one. I cannot think of a man who drinks that heavily can live that long, let it alone administer properly, even if he takes the most proper medical treatment or whatever.

I think that was as required by the media or public image of him. It was harsh and rough times.

I observe lots of social media personalities, when you follow them you may think they are alcoholics but they just drink at screen, pretend as if one because they assume being an alcoholic is a cool image, you know.

Can I have your points before I further clarify the issue and explain more in depth? :D


Who knows; there are people who live to be a hundred and say they smoke and drink almost every day for the last 90 years... some people just win the lottery and don't have their body wrecked by it. They are overwhelmingly the exception to the rule I would figure; you can probably count on one hand the people who can tell that story, while the number of people in just the United States alone who die from alcohol is 95,000 every year.

That one hand number is globally, while the massive one is in just one country... so the odds are in the decimals that an alcoholic could show so little side effects, but they do prove it happens. Maybe Churchhill was just one of those decimals.
Every day is a good day to *remove from server* an autocrat.


Most of the men in my family were drinkers and smokers and it took them all to early graves. My father had orange juice in his vodka for breakfast every day and at at night he would sometimes pass out with a skillet on a lit burner and a cigarette in his hand. It went downhill from there. I know the pull. When I get bad news (like being included in the cone of a cat 5 hurricane), my first impulse is a glass of wine, but now I have the willpower to skip it and the resulting hangover/health damage.