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Started by jessibellol, July 13, 2014, 06:28:37 PM

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Hey. I'm Jess. 24. Mom/teacher/mentor/lover of humanism/Canadian/Pinot Grigio lover/world's biggest System Of A Down fan.
I decided to join this forum to connect with like-minded individuals, and because I am a bit of a recluse and am off work for the summer this will give me something to do while my son is off in imagination land. (A place where I am very much excluded from.)
I became an atheist at about 15.
I am an honest kid at heart and caring for the living things in our world is my passion.
I am very much into volunteering, mentoring young mothers and educating children.
As much as the belief  in supernatural figures absolutely boggles my mind I try to be plainly respectful of folks who choose to do so, as long as it does not affect the rights, choices and abilities of others.
Happy to be here, talk to you all soon:)


Greetings, welcome and other assorted  salutations.
A humans desire to live is exceeded only by their willingness to die for another. Even god cannot equal this magnificent sacrifice. No god has the right to judge them.-first tenant of the Panotheust


Welcome to the forum!

Are you by any chance a hockey fan? *hopes fervently*
"Human history is a litany of blood shed over differing ideals of rulership and afterlife"

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PopeADope II

welcome!  it seems you've got your life together.   Always be mindful of the present moment.. 

Be careful with relationships. They can be deceptive.   Itss tough to know who you are living with.

Hakurei Reimu

Yay! New member! New member!

Throws Pokéball.

jessibellol GET!
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PopeADope II

I commend you for being a mother .  I have always wanted to mother a child.



Welcome to our merry band of heathens Jessibellol!
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Welcome to the forum fellow Canadian!

Green Bottle

Afternoon Jess and welcome to the Madhoose........
God doesnt exist, but if he did id tell him to ''Fuck Off''


Welcome aboard jessibellol! Solitary
There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.


Hi Jess, welcome to our humble piranha club.

PopeADope II

I have a feeling you are a very good person.  Call it pope's intuition.  I think god has his hook in your mouth.  He'll let you swim so far and then reel you in.  :)

Anyhow, dont you think toxicity wad systems best album?