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"The Expanse" Sci-Fi

Started by stromboli, December 15, 2015, 11:38:43 AM

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Mostly not a big fan of TV sci-fi or the sci-fi channel's offerings, but The Expanse is a nice change. Very science oriented, has a great plot setup, good characters and a very realistic approach to the story with some GREAT visuals. It will no doubt be out on DVD eventually. The first episode was terrific, was really impressed. Expanse (I think) is a limited series.

"Childhood's End" is a 3 episode telling of Arthur C.Clarke's opus. Not that big a fan of Clarke, didn't get into the book, won't explain why. But it looks like an accurate retelling of the story.

Haven't watched "12 Monkeys" but also supposed to be good. Makes me happy to see some decent sci-fi on TV.


Hmmm, trailer doesn't say much except something something space, "she's  gonna save us all", something something.
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Won't give any spoilers, but Thomas Jane plays a cop. The other actors aren't really notable, but the conditions, scenarios presented are very realistic, and the acting is top notch. It is a combination mystery/ political thriller about the conflict to assume control of certain resources between earth and Mars (series takes place in 23rd century) and the asteroid miners and so on caught in the middle.

I have to say it is very well thought out in terms of conditions and future technology. Nothing hokey, no laser blasters. And the weightless scenes of people moving about VERY realistic.