Confusion between romantic love and sexual attraction.

Started by SoldierofFortune, December 23, 2022, 12:46:13 PM

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I have come to believe that the source of much of my romantic interest towards girls around me is because I am a little bit in need of having sex.

When I satify the need, the feeling I can name as romantic interest fades away leaving me in a state of thinking like ''oh, what is the reason behind the rationalization to invest my time and effort, for good, with marriage, for an example.

The true free state of mind of a man, is by the way of freeing his testicles, I think: )

By the way, not any kind of offence intended. We are all adult persons.


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For me, sex is secondary. I crave someone to make me feel wanted, who will give me a reason to come home.
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I just need someone who can put up with my bullshit and won't make me put up with theirs.


I'd rather have a McDonald's .

Edit... I reckon my wife would too.